Perhaps one of the biggest shocks for creative professionals leaving design school is discovering that the opinions of others and the status of our wallets are now inextricably linked. So, to keep that cash-money flowing for future creative pursuits (and other important things like lunch) we’ve put together the three best ways to find out what your clients love…  

1.  What sold last season

It probably goes without saying that your best sellers are going to say a lot about what your clients are looking for next time, but taking the approach of simply re-doing those pieces in a new colourway isn’t necessarily the best move.
Think a little more about why your best sellers moved with such gusto. Was it their price point? The fit? The fact that none of your competitors seemed to do a similar piece? A little deeper consideration about your client’s motivations can go a long way in predicting their moves next time.

2. Use your Flaunter reports

Remember that time Kate Middleton was photographed wearing a Zimmermann dress and the resulting demand almost broke their website? Whilst you can’t necessarily control the Royal Family’s interest in your pieces, you can harness media attention to drive sales.
By using the ”Reporting” tool within Flaunter, you can instantly see the pieces in your current line being most coveted by the media in terms of views and downloads. Use this information to create content that will really grab their attention next time around.
Excellent, media-friendly product and content within your Flaunter profile increases your chances of being published and potentially introduces your collection to a huge pool of new fans.

3. Just ask them

Your retail team is an ideal bridge between your design team and your customers. At your next team meeting, chat with them about what the in-store visitors are looking for, and even more importantly, what they’re looking for when they leave empty-handed.
Are you online only? Dig into your data to see what visitors are typing into your search bar, what items are most viewed and which items are abandoned in the cart or returned. 
Asking for feedback is also a great way to drive interaction through your social media channels. Question your followers on what they’re hoping to see in store next season or what their favourite products were from last season (and why!).  Everybody has 2 cents to give and will love knowing that one of their favourite brands is taking such an active interest in their desires.

Image: unknown, via pinterest