PR gifting works. It’s a fact. We’ve seen it time and time again. But how are brands and agencies actually managing this? We’ll tell you… 

We love a PR good gifting suite and gifting event as much as anyone. It’s a fun and exciting way to get your brands and products into the hands of a highly curated audience of influencers, press and celebrities. But physical gifting suites and brand showrooms can be expensive – from the rent and styling to the advertising and on-site management. 

Enter Flaunter. We’ve reimagined the in-person brand showroom and gifting suite into an online experience (designed for brands and PR + wholesale agencies) where you invite the media, celeb and content creators that align with your brand, allow them to browse either the entire showroom or just a few products, request sample loans or gifts and start a conversation (via the Flaunter inbox) to chat about the partnership, campaign or collaboration. 

Want to increase the number of ‘as seen on {insert celeb}’ posts you can share, grow your brand awareness through influencer collaborations and gifted products, save money on the traditional showroom or gift suite and save more than 80+ hours every month so you can spend more time doing what you love?  Read On! 

Flaunter - Beautiful PR platform and sample tracking software for brands and agencies

Who uses a PR gifting suite? 

PR gifting suites are used be brands and agencies – big, small and emerging. They’re also used by influencers and content creators, journalists, bloggers and stylists.

A brand or PR manager uploads images of products and collections into a fully branded digital showroom – like they would display them out on the floor at a physical showroom – and invites brand-aligned media, stylists, influencers and content creators to browse the items, take sample loans or a gift in exchange for media coverage, content or something else. 

This is an effective way to promote your brand and get your products into the hands of storytellers who will then (hopefully) share their thoughts with their readers or followers – who will then (hopefully) purchase from you. 

Why use an online gifting suite? 

Let us ask you this…How do you currently manage your sample loans and PR gifts? Are you keeping track of who, what, when and where in a book or excel spreadsheet? How often are items not returned on time, or you can’t recall who you’ve sent items to in the past. Does it feel like you spend hours every week in that spreadsheet? How boring! 

With an online showroom and PR gifting suite, you can easily manage your entire inventory and see very clearly where each item is at – is it available, out, overdue, packing in progress? Aside from managing inventory, Flaunter’s digital showroom also keeps track of all your send outs, requests and conversations. So you can build better relationships with the people you choose to share your products with. Plus, online platforms are great for sending you notifications and alerts when opportunities arise, reminders to chase up an overdue item, new message requests and more. 

As for your showroom guests… Online gifting suites are beautifully presented versions of your showroom. Always clean and tidy, arranged as you need it to be, easy to see everything very clearly and full product details are easily and instantly accessible. 

Invite influencers, press and stylists from anywhere in the world to your digital showroom 24/7

Having a presence online 24/7 is a necessity now. You have your website ✔️, Instagram and TikTok ✔️✔️, that’s great for your customers. But what about the media, content creators and stylists who have the ability to share your brand with their audiences gifting you more exposure, website traffic and ultimately sales? 

With a simple link, you can invite anyone you like to view your brand showroom, browse through your latest collections, access full brand and product information and request samples. With your online showroom available 24/7, you can be getting PR opportunities even when you’re not online yourself. 


An online PR gifting suite created by experts in the industry

Our team has been in the industry for collective decades. We know it inside and out. As a PR and marketing tech tool built by PRs for lifestyle brands, media, influencers, stylists and writers, Flaunter has been tailor-made for fashion, beauty, home and product companies to build better relationships, get more brand awareness, streamline processes and secure the press coverage or influencer campaigns they require. 


Flaunter’s platform allows brands to create their own digital brand showroom, manage product inventory, samples and gifts, invite contacts where they can browse through items in real-time, create send-outs and track where each item is at all times, and access full insights and reporting. 

We’ve already worked with huge names like Hugo Boss, Bec + Bridge, Sarah & Sebastian, Kate Spade and Billini. You too can get more exposure for your brand by using Flaunter’s digital PR gifting suite! Start your 14-day free trial today

Image by Arms of Eve