The Pared x Flaunter Women in Fashion breakfast brought together over 150 Australian designers, PR agencies, media, retailers, industry and international guests of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018 at the iconic Paramount building in Surry Hills to celebrate the incredible women who power the fashion industry.
Samantha Stevenson [Co-founder & Creative Director of Pared Eyewear and Gaby Howard [Founder and CEO of Flaunter] first connected in 2016 through their involvement with the Australian Fashion Council [AFC]. They spoke often about how fortunate they had been to have had the support of so many incredible women in the Australian fashion industry as they grew their respective businesses.

This year’s MBFWA seemed like the perfect occasion to bring together a network of women, and men, to celebrate and support each other. We were blown away by the response we had and yet again reminded of how lucky we are to be part of such an incredible industry! Scroll down for our video edit, images and quotes from industry guests, speaking about how they’ve been supported and empowered by other women during their careers.



Samantha Stevenson [Creative Director – Pared] & Gaby Howard [CEO – Flaunter]; Edwina McCann [Editor-in-Chief – Vogue] & Christine Centenera [Fashion Director – Vogue]


Gaby Howard, Flaunter

“Launching and growing Flaunter has been one of the most significant and incredible challenges of my life. It is no exaggeration to say that without many of the brilliant, supportive and generous women in this industry – I would not be where I am today. Women who have believed in and supported my vision, those who took a leap of faith in the very early days, women who have shared their stories on the challenges of building businesses alongside families. In life, people are everything, just as much at work as at home. By supporting each other we compound our potential … and that’s when the magic happens :)”

 Samantha Stevenson, Pared Eyewear

“Courtney Miller from the AFC has always been such a champion of our brand and a personal cheerleader ever since I was first introduced to her through a mutual friend. At our last New York showroom I had just found out I was pregnant, not feeling well and very overwhelmed with the business and life in general. Courtney as her usual calm and collected self-handled the situation with ease and elegance. I admire her diplomacy and her ability to be level-headed in any situation.”




Holly Ryan, Designer

“When I first started my jewellery label Billie Iveson (Russh Fashion & Beauty editor) took me to lunch to learn about my label and pulled pieces for her cover story with international model Hanne Gaby. The support meant so much to me as a young brand and helped to bring my jewellery to a much wider audience.”


Monica Russell [Marie Claire] & Tara Morris [Marie Claire]; Indianna Roehrich [Simply Social MGT]


 Courtney Miller, Australian Fashion Council

“I’ve been lucky to have been supported by some really amazing women in fashion. Edwina McCann, as the Chair of the AFC, has always supported me, without fail. We worked hand in hand and I could never have done what I did without her backing me in all the time. Then there are the times when you get that unexpected feedback that can really make all the difference. Eva Galambos gave me a wonderful complement after one of our fashion forums with Minister Julie Bishop and knowing how tough and passionate she is about the industry gave me such a boost to keep doing what I was doing.” 


Nicole Adolphe [Contributing Fashion Editor – Grazia]


Lindy Klim – Creative Director, Rama Voyage

“For me, fashion at its best will always be a celebration of women. As a community, the women of the fashion business create a fantastic energetic workplace. I have loved my career as a woman in fashion. It has a finite amount of space and money available, but despite that natural competitive environment, the women who pull each other up continue to move on and survive. I have been in the business for so long now and I can say that a strong sense of self, a strong work ethic and a sense of duty to help each other out is not just in me but in most of the people I meet.”


Beth Levis [Cue] & Ed Baker [Co-Founder – Pared Eyewear]
Lindsey Granger [The List TV] & Tiffany Reid [Fashion Editor – Cosmopolitan]; Phoebe Torrance

Alison Rice, Group Publisher POPSUGAR, Who What Wear, Byrdie, MyDomaine Australia

“Natalia Muller and Adam Worling have both been huge supporters of mine. They’ve both really championed WWW as a luxury digital proposition, and really understand the value we bring to the local market. I’ve found their inclusiveness and desire to forge a new way forward for fashion media here in Australia really inspiring. Natalia, in particular, has offered an ear and a shoulder as we both navigate the sometimes difficult waters of being a young female leader.” – 


Photography: Tim da-Rin for Flaunter. To view more images click here.
Video: Dan Bolt //@wehaveavisual
Venue: Paramount Recreational Club