MAYDE x Flaunter:
“Moving forward, this will be the way the PR world will operate.”

Pillow Talk x Flaunter:
“It’s something I can’t imagine doing PR without.”

Mustard Made x Flaunter:
“Flaunter has freed the team to focus on more proactive, creative campaigns.”

Yan Martea x Flaunter:
“Flaunter can mean the difference between getting coverage or not”

AM Eyewear x Flaunter:
“Flaunter has changed the way we do PR”

Hatrik House x Flaunter:
“2021 is for working smarter, so invest in the tools to do that”

Real Living x Flaunter:
“Flaunter is a wonderful resource for me and my team.”

Aimee Bruce x Flaunter:
“Flaunter is my number one go to when compiling pages for the magazines I work with.”

1Milk2Sugars x Flaunter:
1Milk2Sugars: “It’s rare you find a tool that ticks all the boxes.”

Violetta Group x Flaunter:
How International PR Firm Violetta Changed How They Do Business Using Flaunter

BoConcept x Flaunter:
On why Flaunter’s press centre software is the best PR tool for lifestyle brands

Fête Press x Flaunter:
How a lifestyle publication uses Flaunter

Cotton On Group x Flaunter:
How the team at Cotton On Group uses Flaunter to run their in-house PR operations

AWPR x Flaunter:
How AWPR uses Flaunter’s digital showrooms to make sample trafficking feel seamless

TMC PR x Flaunter:
Learn how TMC PR increased coverage for ALL their clients with one tool

ARC Factory x Flaunter:
How ARC Factory gets more coverage for their Lifestyle and Venue clients

Nac Media x Flaunter:
NAC Media Group manages 85% of their sample loan requests via Flaunter

Oz Design Furniture x Flaunter:
How Oz Design Furniture uses Flaunter to build media relationships

General Pants Co. x Flaunter:
How General Pants Co. solved media request challenges and discovered the power of regional press with Flaunter

M.A.C Cosmetics x Flaunter:
How M.A.C Cosmetics uses Flaunter to share their PR assets with the world

Nautica x Flaunter:
How Nautica uses Flaunter to build strong relationships with media

Zulu & Zephyr x Flaunter:
How Zulu & Zephyr uses Flaunter sample trafficking to save time and improve media engagement

Robyn Fay-Perkins from Marie Claire & Instyle x Flaunter:
How Flaunter helps a photo editor to meet tight deadlines

Fossil Group x Flaunter:
Fossil Group uses Flaunter as a marketing, PR and sales tool

Fête Press x Flaunter:
How Fête Press uses Flaunter to research, discover new brands and save time

Golightly PR x Flaunter:
How a Golightly uses Flaunter digital showrooms to reduce sample loss

Hills & West x Flaunter:
Emerging brand Hills & West uses Flaunter to connect with media

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