Who is AM Eyewear?

Founded in Australia in 2003, AM Eyewear is the original Australian youth sunglasses brand, bringing a fresh, genuine touch to crafting unique eyewear both in quality and style. AM Eyewear frames are hand-crafted with respect for authenticity, conveyed in high-quality, and durable materials for a premium optical experience, translated in daily staples for the most stylish.

How did you discover Flaunter?

I had the opportunity to work at Flaunter and fell in love with the concept and everything about it! I knew it would make my life infinitely easier when working in-house with AM Eyewear, especially when we’re trying to manage our digital assets. We don’t have to go through the whole back and forth email tag that usually happens when editors request imagery, which saves us time on admin and frees us up to be more strategic – ultimately generating better coverage for the brand. All of our high resolution imagery is housed directly in Flaunter, which means our team are working smarter, not harder.

What made you choose Flaunter?

Flaunter is a very useful and democratic tool for both brands and media. As a boutique brand, we have the opportunity to be in touch with media from all over the country and reach audiences that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. We’ve been able to increase our coverage because Flaunter makes it even easier for us to communicate with editors, including those we don’t already have a relationship with, including regional media.

How did Flaunter change the way you worked and how has it made your team more productive?

With Flaunter our PR activities work continuously and seamlessly throughout the whole campaign. Removing the back and forth with imagery and product loan requests saves up a lot of time for our team and we can focus on developing tighter relationships with press. The reporting function is also essential for our day to day work. Knowing which editors downloaded our content and when they are expecting to publish it allows us to track clippings more efficiently.

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

Absolutely! Flaunter changed the way we do PR and I don’t see myself being able to do the work I need to without the support that the platform gives.

What work are you most proud of?

We are proud of bringing the highest quality eyewear, that are made not only with style in mind, but provide the best optical experience to our customers. We are above all, an optical company.

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