ARC Factory was the first agency to manage their lifestyle and venue content via Flaunter.  Flaunter streamlines PR activity for all types of agencies who represent clients across fashion, beauty, interiors, books , travel, venues and kids.


Who is ARC Factory?

ARC is a brand strategy, content management and creative agency located in Surry Hills, Sydney.

We offer a suite of services including brand PR strategy, campaign shoot production, talent management, influencer campaigns, creative direction, digital marketing, consumer-facing & media events and brand partnerships. We run a fairly small team now which works great for us, we like being able to really all know what’s going on across multiple brands. It allows us to be very collaborative and make sure nothing gets missed.

Using Flaunter day-to-day

Everyone at ARC currently uses Flaunter on a daily basis, multiple times a day even. At first, we looked at it purely for managing our samples in the Showroom, but it’s really grown to be used almost 50/50 for image placements now which has really helped us grow that side of our client’s results.

The team at ARC Factory

Before implementing the Flaunter solution

We used another system for a really long time, but it was fairly complicated and didn’t cater for the image placement side of things, which was really increasing with the decline in the number of print titles. I think using Flaunter has really helped us in the image placement area the most. Before we were digging through folders, attaching and constantly resizing things a million times a day, Flaunter just saves us so much time there.

How ARC added more value for their Venue and Lifestyle clients

Adding our restaurant and hotel clients was a natural thing to do. Flaunter was there for us on our fashion brands and we thought, why not make it work for everything else we needed to get out there.

It’s been helpful as we find that apart from the traditional food titles, a lot of lifestyle and fashion titles are looking for food and venue images to fill out sections of the print titles in particular. It’s meant that we’re able to tap into other areas that might have not been touched on before and discover new titles and pages in titles we could have easily connected with.

ARC Factory client The Dolphin, Surry Hills

The big wins

Apart from the ease of supplying new images, being able to use Flaunter for our new campaigns has been a great help. Especially when launching a new campaign we’ve shot, timing is important, so having the assets available at a moment’s notice is crucial. Having the ability to have them loaded there and set to private until we need has also been great for us organising to go out to newspapers, TV, digital to the right times while not breaking our own set embargos.

Flaunter in three words

Opportunities, Efficiency, Attentive