“Having our product inventory for media to download on demand is one of the biggest time savers of Flaunter’s PR software.”


About BoConcept

BoConcept was born in Denmark in 1952, and is today a premium retail lifestyle brand, with over 300 stores in 65 countries. We design, produce and sell contemporary high-end Scandinavian furniture and accessories for the home including living, dining, bedroom, home office and outdoor. 

The BoConcept press center

Outside the realms of our website, Flaunter is a great central hub to put our products in front of media outlets. Everybody in media is always on tight deadlines and scrambling for high res imagery, so Flaunter eliminates the middleman by having an inventory for them to directly download. It basically does the work for me. 

BoConcept Flaunter
Diem Lam – SEO and Digital Marketing Executive at BoConcept

On discovering and implementing Flaunter

We found Flaunter in an attempt to do less PR work and free up some of my time. I have my boss to thank. Implementing it was as simple as loading any inventory of products.

The support team is super responsive

The team is super responsive when it comes to helping, and much to their credit, always offering ways to improve and use the platform to its maximum capacity. 

Why having product images available on demand is a huge time saver

Having our product inventory for media downloads is probably one of the biggest time savers. It minimises me having to respond to several imagery requests for content pieces – the assets are all there. 

The callouts are also an attractive element that allows us to acquire some added value in features that are relevant to us. 

BoConcept press center

Why the reporting tool is a winning feature

Reports is one of my favourite tools on Flaunter. Their PR software allows you to see exactly who has downloaded the content and where it’s getting published. Before, it was so easy to have PR assets and not know where your money is going, but by having this information you can see if the platform is getting utilised by other parties which is fantastic. 

Why BoConcept recommends Flaunter to other lifestyle brands

I definitely recommend Flaunter. I think it’s a wonderful avenue to increase exposure.


BoConcept Press Center