General Pants Co. is one of Australia’s most recognisable retailers stocking street favourites such as Ksubi, Converse and I Am Gia. The PR team at General Pants uses Flaunter to streamline their media call out process and increase their audience in regional markets.


Why General Pants Co. needed to find a better way 

Prior to Flaunter, we’d have to respond to media callouts as they came in. This meant locating the relevant product in our showroom and allowing enough time to shoot it and send the images to media. As you can imagine, this was an annoying process for all!

We started by allocating time at the start of each month to shoot new product and have it readily available for when briefs come through. We knew that we needed a digital solution to handle the assets but didn’t have the resources available to create one ourselves.

Favourite Flaunter features

  • How easy it is to navigate the site
  • Opportunity to work with journalists/brands you may not have had contact with before
  • Ability to report and track downloads/coverage
  • Weekly email updates
  • How friendly and supportive the Flaunter team is. They want you to exceed!

Managing multiple brands and sharing links

Each month our PR team upload new flat lay imagery for product which is landing in stores. As we manage multiple brands, will also include any campaign and comms imagery that is available.

The ability to send trackable links to media contacts when they approach us directly has been a huge help as we can now respond to callouts instantly – saving time for all involved!

Increasing reach

The most noticeable results we have seen would be the ability to reach a wider audience through the increase in regional coverage (both print and online).

Saving time and money 

Flaunter saves us so much time! We’d also have to say that money and energy is saved as we no longer need to physically send samples to media as often. Now that we’re able to send images to multiple media outlets at once, we don’t need to worry about samples being returned before sending out again.

How regional press has increased online traffic 

As we don’t have bricks & mortar stores in some regional areas such as Townsville, Flaunter has allowed us to supply journalists with imagery and assets that they may not have had access to before.

It is also a great way for us to drive traffic to our online store from those regional spots that may not have previously thought of GP as a shopping destination.

Why General Pants Co. recommends Flaunter 

Effort vs return! As long as you keep on top of your content, the results speak for themselves.

Flaunter in 3 words 

Timesaving, seamless, rewarding.


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