Who is Hatrik House?

We are a young creative marketing agency that looks at what 360′ marketing really means in 2021. We do everything from branding, content creation, PR, social media management, graphic design, photography, videography, copywriting and packaging to creative direction. Most of us came from pretty traditional agency and work backgrounds that specialised in different fields and our Founder and Creative Director, Sophia Athas really saw an opportunity to bring all of these skills in-house (no pun intended!). What we want is to really make an impact with brands, to blow things up and start from the ground up with a fresh perspective and understanding of what works in the digital landscape.

What work are you most proud of?

There is so much over the last few years that is really exciting to look back on and special in different ways. All projects that we have managed start to finish from design to production to rollout is always really fulfilling. There are some brands that I have always admired that we now get to work with like Sephora, Double Rainbouu, Jurlique, Bread, Flex Factory and Ultra Violette that always remain as pinch me moments.

How did you discover Flaunter?

I remember founder, Gaby Howard, came and presented Flaunter to the agency where I was working at the time and it was so exciting to see someone disrupting the space in a way that seemed so obvious! I always wonder what happened to all of those barcode scanners from old PR agencies!

What was it that made you choose Flaunter?

For us, we saw Flaunter as a great step to increase our added value for our clients! The ease of brands and media alike being able to look at our Flaunter profile and see what samples and assets we were communicating was great. We also saw Flaunter as a way to ease up much needed admin time from our team, no longer would our team members need to dig through folders for hi-Res or send photos of samples. Instead it means the process of media requests and pitching is seamless and such high quality. We want all our brand communications to look as high end as possible and we feel as though Flaunter is the best way to do this!

How did Flaunter change the way you worked and how has it made your team more productive?

As a team we have always tried to enforce that our best export is the strategic experience and creativity of our team. So if there are ways that free up time from our team members we always want to ensure that we invest in it. The great thing about Flaunter is that it is that additional member of the PR team that streamlines not only how we work but how media and KOLs interact with the brands we represent.

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

100%! It really streamlines the whole PR department and keeps everything in-check and manageable. 2021 is for working smarter not harder and so invest in the tools that help you do that.