Signing on at the very beginning of the pandemic, Violetta use Flaunter to manage all image requests for their flagship client, Agent Provocateur. With almost 800 samples available and over 200 pull requests at any one time, founder Alice Braccini credits Flaunter with changing the way she and her team do business.

Who are Violetta?

Violetta was founded in 2014 by Alice Braccini and her partner after moving to the US from Europe. Alice says, “On arriving in the US, I saw there was an opportunity to build a bicoastal business, offering a uniquely international perspective with a bespoke in-house approach.

Why Violetta Group love Flaunter - Team photo

Violetta do their best work when introducing a designer or a new concept to the consumer, or giving a voice to a brand through relationships with ambassadors and the community. From Agent Provocateur’s empowering product placements, to the first ever digital Gelato Festival where people from all over the country got to receive gelato made by well known chefs and cast their vote from the comfort of their homes in the middle of the pandemic, we love to bring a smile to the world.

What work are you most proud of?

“In addition to our day-to-day work, we have been supporting social impact driven campaigns such as States of Change, through which we raised over $1.5M in five days to fight voter suppression in the US, ahead of the Presidential elections last November.

It is essential to who we are as a business to use our communication tools and network to drive change and improve people’s lives. We are not superheroes like doctors or scientists but we have a powerful ability to connect with people!”

How did you discover Flaunter?

“I was introduced to Flaunter at a PR Net event for industry professionals and it immediately appealed because our old system didn’t provide a user friendly experience and we never really applied it to share images with editors and stylists as it wasn’t set up in a functional way. It would issue paperwork that looked more like a line sheet with a lot of text and small images, so we preferred to send lookbooks to our contacts via email as attachments, often jamming their inboxes due to the large size of the files. This overall process took time away from more important tasks.

It also created a lot of repetition with duplicates of inventories, which obviously wasn’t a great experience for us, or the people requesting samples from us!”

How did Flaunter change the way you worked?

“My team is more efficient in managing each conversation with editors and stylists by providing dedicated links and being able to easily monitor each pull. Flaunter has overall improved the quality of our time dedicated to inventory trafficking and management. We have also received media requests from editors who regularly access Flaunter in order to outsource materials for their stories and photoshoots, therefore adding to our clients’ coverage ROI. For example, we have seen an exponential increase in requests for our client Agent Provocateur – from proactive editorial call-outs to stylists browsing through our virtual racks and sending selections of items to pull. We are currently able to manage 750 samples across multiple collections and fulfill over 200 requests at any one time.

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

“100% yes! As the platform expands to international markets, having communities of media and stylists all connected with PR agencies and brands through the platform, will make our work even more effective and far reaching. In fact, we believe in the product so much, we’re actually working with the Flaunter team to launch the tool in the US.

How has Flaunter made you and your team more productive?

“It has definitely saved us a lot of time. Currently, we’re using Flaunter for one of our flagship brands, Agent Provocateur, and it’s saving us 3-5 hours a week just on that one account. We’re able to more efficiently share look books, and images through the platform, rather than having to gather all of the necessary PDFs and other documents, clogging up media inboxes and getting stuck in back-and-forth email tag with editors.

Flaunter is a great tool to utilize when we are reporting activity to clients, as it allows us to quickly recall our sample traffic and requests that we are able to fulfill. We’ve actually found that Agent Provocateur are almost not able to keep up with the amount of sample requests we’ve been able to generate through the Flaunter platform, which is a great problem to have.”

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