With thousands of products and a team of only 20, M.A.C Cosmetics Australia relies on Flaunter to manage their image assets in one central location.


The team behind M.A.C Cosmetics 

M.A.C has been operating in Australia for approximately 20 years out of the Estée Lauder Company head office based in Erskineville. We have a team of 20 here in the Sydney head office, plus our Sales and Education team that work out in the field in each state. We then have over 500 artists working across the nation. The head office team covers all aspects of the business – marketing, sales, education, and training, artistry, VM, Social, PR and Online.

Why M.A.C needed to find a better way to manage their assets

M.A.C has around 2000 different products in the range and launch multiple collections every month, so we receive many media requests on a daily basis. To reply to each media request individually with images and product information was taking up too much time in the day.

We needed to find a platform that was easy and quick to navigate for both the media and our team.

Flaunter was our solution. We can send out media alerts with links to images and information which press can access without having to contact us directly. It saves everyone so much time!

A platform for publicists, built by publicists 

Flaunter creator, Gaby, had worked in the PR business for over 15 years so she really understands the ins and outs of the industry. This is definitely reflected in the way Flaunter works – it’s convenient and easy for all parties involved.

How M.A.C uses Flaunter day-to-day 

The marketing team use Flaunter to share press assets such as releases, images and other information with media, influencers and our retailers. We also use the reporting function of Flaunter to see what images are downloaded by media on a weekly basis.

Streamlining PR processes 

Flaunter has streamlined our processes. It allows press to access assets immediately, and outside of business hours, which is great for those last-minute stories and tight deadlines as there’s no need to wait for a response from the team.

Flaunter has also directly gained us coverage from users that haven’t had access to M.A.C assets previously. Once they have become familiar with the system, they know they can access the assets for future stories.

Saving 32 hours per week with a central asset management tool

We receive image requests on a daily basis, so it is unmanageable to upload individual images to an email. Having thousands of products stored in a central location where press to help themselves definitely saves us time!

Maximising exposure and staying relevant 

Brand exposure has always been and will always be important to M.A.C so Flaunter plays a vital part in communicating M.A.C through print, online and social channels.

Maintaining exposure and relevance can be a challenge in a highly saturated market so using Flaunter streamlines this process significantly.

Why M.A.C recommends Flaunter 

Flaunter makes a potentially time-consuming and tedious task quick and easy, and allows minimal communication and time to transfer assets and information.

Flaunter in 3 words 

Easy, quick, convenient