Flaunter  is the only tool that allows Nautica Australia to maintain full control over what, where, when and why media can access their images and samples.


About the Nautica Team 

We’re a pretty small dedicated team here at Nautica Australia. Our main team consists of just 5 of us and through True Alliance, we share some resources with other brands (including planning and design) that extends us out to 21. As a group, we bring Nautica to the Australian market both in wholesale and our direct online platform selling collections suitable for the Australian customer from Nautica’s international ranges and designing 30% of styles per season in-house.

Control and accessibility is important

Our team required a tool that was budget-friendly and accessible 24/7. We had previously shared a PR resource with other brands at True Alliance but wanted to have something that we could control directly.

We spoke to multiple agencies when looking for new PR representation but were cautious to outsource when we are the Nautica product experts. In Flaunter, we found a way for our brand to always be accessible whilst allowing us to be the contact for media enquiries and able to pass on direct product knowledge for all call outs.

Favourite Flaunter features 

The system is used by our Senior Marketing Coordinator to display our brand images in downloadable albums and responding to call-outs or following up on brand interaction from media.

Developing new relationships with media and brands

We have had a limitless level of assistance and guidance, from first looking into using the platform to now. We have also started to build out brand relationships with a number of stylists and media and most surprisingly, developed new relations internally with other brands using the Flaunter platform.

Why Flaunter is instrumental in the Nautica PR strategy 

Flaunter is instrumental in our PR strategy. It effectively helps us to build our brand profile and presence in media we didn’t have contact with before launching. The whole team has full visibility at all times.

Reliable support 

The knowledge and expertise of the Flaunter team and their appetite to assist the brands on the platform is a great customer experience.

Flaunter in three words 

Time saving, easy and effective.