Oz Design Furniture uses Flaunter technology to manage their PR assets and strategy. Flaunter acts as a digital PR assist, saving the team 32 hours per week on asset management and building new relationships with media which has widened their reach by 250%. 

The Oz Design Furniture story

OZ Design Furniture turns 40 this year! We have been in the furniture and homewares game for a very long time (it’s hilarious to look back at how trends have changed over this time!). OZ Design Furniture is a family-owned business and all 2nd generation siblings work in the business across various roles today. Our work focuses on building a brand that excites and inspires, we have focused on creating content this year that really makes you stop and look. Our focus remains with providing trending furniture and homewares collections to Australian homes, no matter the style or size.

Why the team needed to find a better way

We found it difficult to keep up with managing our PR internally. People’s roles change quickly and we just simply couldn’t dedicate the time to developing a PR strategy so our efforts were very standardised and repetitive – press release after press release after press release!

Why Flaunter was the perfect fit

We needed a dedicated resource who was on the road 24/7 building relationships and finding opportunities in the market.

Now our marketing coordinator simply uploads new season lifestyle and deep etch imagery to the platform for journalists to search, discover and download from. The platform works wonders in the background, without someone in-house having to grind for it every day.

On implementing the solution

It took us a while to start building our profile and getting journalists to download, but now the awareness is there, we’re seeing traction.


Why the extra touch-point is their favourite feature

When a journalist downloads an image, we received a notification to say who it was, what product they downloaded and their email address. We love that we can personally email them after to thank them for their support and build a relationship.

The Oz Design Furniture PR strategy

It’s incredible that we’re able to leave PR in the hands of a platform that serves its purpose, and does so very well.

One of the biggest results has been gaining new audiences and having a wider reach because Flaunter has provided us with media contacts that we hadn’t heard of/from before.

Flaunter also provides us with the perfect final touchpoint in our overall PR strategy that really gets us media traction. It’s fantastic!

Why Oz Design Furniture recommends Flaunter

It’s easy to use and it gets you results – that simple really!