Who is Pillow Talk?

Pillow Talk is a company passionate about comfort! As one of Australia’s largest homewares retailers, with over 60 stores and 45 years’ experience, we know what it takes to bring comfort, both emotional and physical, into the homes of our customers. We stock everything you need to bring comfort into your home, from the front door to the back gate, and at Pillow Talk, style is never sacrificed for comfort.

What work are you most proud of?

I’ve been so lucky to be involved in so many great PR moments during my time at Pillow Talk, but two in particular really standout; our rebrand in 2018 and the launch of our beach brand, Sunday, last year. In both campaigns, there were so many moving parts and tight deadlines and so having Flaunter to easily get our imagery out to media, influencers and even our partner shopping centres was a lifesaver. Both campaigns were extremely successful and are moments I’ll always remember.

How did you discover Flaunter? What problem were you looking to solve?

A journalist I worked with regularly actually recommended Flaunter to me! I would send her imagery weekly and she let me know that other PR’s were using Flaunter and it made their (and her!) lives so much easier. That was back in 2017 and I haven’t looked back since.

How did Flaunter change the way you worked?

Flaunter has saved me countless hours over the years. Before Flaunter I would put all my imagery into Google Drive folders and have to write out individual price and product details for each item in an accompanying word document. I would waste so much time doubling up when the same imagery needed to go to multiple different journalists at different times. Now I just create a board and it is so simple.

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

Absolutely, it’s something I can’t imagine doing PR without.

How has Flaunter made you and your team more productive?

Definitely! I love that I can upload imagery to folders once and then add them to different boards as I need for different journalists. It takes out a lot of double handling that occurs when you’re doing everything manually.