Flaunter Interviewee Brief

We’re excited to interview you for Flaunter. We’ve put together a few tips based on what our audience wants to learn about and the type of content we publish.

About our audience:

Flaunter’s followers work in PR and run the gamut from brand new to the game, all the way through to expert level. They are based around the world and are working in boutique and large agencies as well as in-house at established brands, primarily in the fashion, beauty, homewares and lifestyle industries. They are busy, maxed out on social media, and feel the pressure to keep up with what’s happening in their industry. 

Our goal:

We want readers to come away after having read, listened to, or watched our content feeling:

  • Like they’ve learned something. We share content that’s not shared anywhere else, and go deeper than anyone else. We love talking technology, data, real world strategies and experiences.
  • Empowered to act. All of our content aims to include practical advice and tactics that can be put into practice immediately. 
  • Inspired. There’s not a lot of places the PR industry can go to for content that teaches them how to be better at their jobs, and we want our readers (and our customers) to feel like they can.

What we need from you:

  • Our audience love real strategies and insights. Don’t go for glib – consider what you can teach those in the industry based on your unique experience. 
  • Use real-world examples wherever you can, including campaigns you’ve worked on or brands you’ve seen acing it.
  • Share your failures and lessons learned. Often this is what our readers will learn the most from!
  • We want meaningful and considered – like this:

Flaunter: What’s an example of a brand who has thought about gifting (or not gifting) in a really unique way?

Alyx Gorman: “I’m going to do a pivot on this one, and refer to that old-school, Rolling Stone style model of the celebrity profile feature, where you give someone access: real, deep, longitudinal access, let them see or discover things no one has ever learned about before, and then let them do with the information what they will.
Think of the amazing pieces of writing that have come out of that. Think of the amazing photography that has come out of that. In a world where brands are increasingly trying to exert profound control over the narrative, time, transparency and freedom are the greatest gifts.”

Spreading the word:

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Any questions? Email Mel Cawston, General Manager at mel@flaunter.com.

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