Frequently asked questions

  • How long are your contracts?
  • Flaunter is a monthly subscription service with no lock in contracts. Discounts for a yearly subscription can be applied.
  • Can I have a free trial?
  • Absolutely. We offer a free trial period on our $99 plan. As any good human knows PR is a marathon, not a sprint. Our trials are designed to show you how the site works and feels, knowing that your best results won’t always happen immediately. The brands who win are those who make a longer commitment.More than just getting coverage today, Flaunter is about building awareness that with media that your content is easily available in the future – so that you’re top of mind for the next suitable brief/search. Most users note their results improve collection on collection.
  • Which plan should I choose?
  • Our plans have been created to suit all sorts of different business needs. Choose a plan based on the number of brands your manage and the number of images you’d like to upload and share from your account. Our Plus and Pro plans also include additional features such a full email access to our media database. All of our Sample Tracking plans come with full image management capabilities. These plans are suited to any brand that has physical media and/or sales sample collections they need to keep track of at all times.
  • Is Sample Tracking for me?
  • Do you manage a showroom? Do you regularly loan out samples and need to keep track of where they are at all times, so nothing gets lost? From design and editorial, to sales and production, you need this tool if you want to maximise the impact of your sample collections. Flaunter is the first image based sample tracking tool that turns your showroom into a digital one.
  • Is my brand right for Flaunter?
  • We currently work with fashion, interiors, beauty and lifestyle brands. If you have product in market [or soon to be in market] and great high quality imagery then you’re in.Are you a small or emerging brand? Are you trying to juggle everything yourself – including PR? A PR agency is probably out of your reach. You know how important PR is for your brand, you just don’t have the hours in the week – or even the contacts – to get started. You’ve come to the right place. Use Flaunter to get your brand and images out into the world, working 24/7 while you juggle all the other stuff that needs to get done. Do you work at a large brand? Do you have hundreds or thousands of image assets to manage – and media requests filling up your inbox, screaming for attention asap? Are you juggling all of that along with more strategic tasks, and you’re desperate for more hours in the day? Feel like you need an assistant? Hello Flaunter. Flaunter is your virtual PR assistant – and we work 24/7 to help you get your contacts everything they need, on demand. Not to mention automated reporting and tracking to help you clearly articulate your PR ROI. Do you have a PR agency, or work in one? You’re working with multiple brands and thousands of image assets + product samples. You’re managing both media relationships and client relationships. You have limited time to spend on each brand you and want to make sure it’s 100% effective. You’re excellent at strategy and planning – but your days can seem to get lost in admin. Not only that, but you want to provide clear ROI reporting to your clients because you understand how important it is to measure the impact of your work. Welcome to Flaunter. We don’t replace PR – our agency clients are power users. Use Flaunter to minimise time spent on admin versus strategy and then track your results to share with clients.
  • Do other brands see my images?
  • Brands cannot access each other’s profiles or image detail pages. A brand can never download another brand’s images. The only time another brand may see a thumbnail of your image is if it appears in the same search result as theirs.
  • Can I email journalists via Flaunter?
  • Yes you can! Our Pro and Sample Tracking packages allow you to direct message every Flaunter media user via the site. You’ll also be able to access rich media profiles that give you insights into which journalists/influencers/bloggers and stylists are the best match with your brand. The best part? It’s all automatically kept up-to-date – no more mouldy old media lists.
  • How do I know when an image has been downloaded, and by who?
  • We’ll always let you know! Flaunter sends an automatic email alert letting you know exactly who, at which publication, has download an image. We also share that journalist’s contact details so that you can follow up. Worried you’ll miss something in your hectic inbox? You can also produce date ranged downloads reports with the click of a button from your dashboard. It’s awesome insight into how media is engaging with your brand.
  • What kind of media are using Flaunter?
  • Flaunter is used by print and online journalists, freelance journalists, stylists, bloggers and influencers. We work with both big and small. More than 87% of major media in AUS/NZ are registered on Flaunter as well as micro-influencers and custom publishers. Long-lead, short-lead, regional, newspapers, magazines, digital, social…everyone’s here.
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • Results can vary from brand to brand. Variables often relate to the number of images you have available, the type of images available, quality of images, the time you invest in keeping your account up-to-date, how well-know your brand is before starting on Flaunter and media cycles. We can’t guarantee that you will get instant traction on Flaunter – as you know PR is a long-term game!We can guarantee that your image and sample assets will work 10x harder for you here than anywhere else + we’ll create the opportunity for exposure that no one else can offer, while tracking your results.

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