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Save time across the constant flow of media requests, sample tracking and reporting.

Flaunter’s software makes everyday PR tasks easier, giving you more time to focus on achieving results for your clients.

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Flaunter is your very own super-smart and efficient digital PR assistant

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Be available, 24/7

Save hours every day by having your clients’ content available to media contacts on demand. Allow media to self-serve, or share dedicated links via email and direct message.

Impress clients with powerful insights

Always know how your brands are performing. Track who is browsing and downloading, see publication dates and access media search data.

All your content in one place

Store all your clients’ content in one beautiful location: images, product information, custom reports, news and sample collections.

A smarter way to manage contacts

Keep all your contacts in one place. Flaunter will automatically sync your contacts with existing media profiles for a smarter address book experience.

Power-up your team

Add unlimited team members to your account. Add role-based permissions and make it effortless for the team to access your master content library and create pitches in seconds, wherever they are.

Respond to callouts

Receive alerts and seamlessly respond to image and sample callouts when media upload their story briefs.

Sample Tracking

Create your digital showroom and manage your sample collections through Flaunter

Amity Bell Sleeve Pullover

Spring / Summer Rack

Hudson Slouch Pant - Denim

Spring / Summer Rack

Rosy Maxi Dress - Ivory

Spring / Summer Rack

Adelaide Maxi Xanthia Print

Spring / Summer Rack

Willow Pullover Marine

Spring / Summer Rack

Take your showroom to the world

Welcome to a fully digital showroom experience. Invite media to browse collections and make sample loan requests online.

Your digital showroom manager

Always know when your inventory is sent, what’s out, what samples are overdue and where they’re located. Stay across all the details, without fail.

Instantly highlight your results

Run powerful reports across your entire showroom with a single click. See which samples are overdue and what your most requested pieces are.


Connect with the 1000's of media already using Flaunter


"Flaunter is cost-effective and simple. It streamlines our processes by pulling everything into one platform. We’ve now digitised the Golightly showroom and Flaunter has become invaluable to our image management."

“We were emailing 6MB lookbooks to media and retailers – which took up time and space. We also had to physically double check our inventory prior to confirming any sample send outs. Flaunter changed all that."

"For everything from sample tracking to sharing the latest look books and campaigns, Flaunter provides numerous ways to make our jobs easier, giving us more time to focus on achieving results for our clients."

Holly Garber


Keely Greinke
Zulu & Zephyr


Nikki Andrews
NAC Media Group


Image management, sample tracking and reporting in one tool

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