Melbourne couple Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson are the excellent people behind interiors label Capra Designs. Thomas is a carpenter by trade, specialising in luxury houses with high-end modern finishes. Bianca is an arts marketer by profession and avid hands-on maker.

Having recently worked with Bianca and the team on some copywriting and media pitching [the new PR add-ons now available to Flaunter members] for their ‘Golden’ Collection we asked Bianca to tell us about how Capra Designs was first launched, how they’ve grown the business and what their experience of Flaunter has been over the past 12 months.




I spent 12 years as a Marketing Manager, using all of my spare time crafting. I was a serial crafter, moving from craft to craft in quick succession wishing one of them would stick. Then I started making planters and my partner started creating wireframes for them. The experimenting and refining went on for a year at which point I went on maternity leave. It was then I decided I had the right product and should take the leap. 

The business grew quickly and we were soon outsourcing production. Four and a half years later we are going strong. We love to create handmade, original, beautiful and practical items for the home (particularly for indoor plant lovers). Coming from a Marketing/Comms background I knew that Flaunter would be a gold mine for journalists and solved a lot of the time and money poor issues that journalists are faced with today. I too as a small business was time and money poor and Flaunter offers an affordable and time-efficient way to reach journalists regularly. 

“Flaunter is the bread and butter of our PR strategy”

Flaunter has helped us:

  • Build new relationships with media contacts. 
  • Distribute our images with ease. 
  • Access a strong and generous support team.
  • Pitch images to journalists on our behalf. 
  • Access media clippings of published mentions.

The list goes on….

Incredible imagery is the key to success. Capra Designs photographed by Josie Mackerras and styled by Tiarne Katona.

To make all this happen, the key effort on our end is ensuring we always have great imagery. The platform itself is so easy. It takes about 30minutes a month all up to answer callouts, upload new images etc. 

Plus the daily reporting straight to your inbox means you know exactly what is going on at a glance. 

Flaunter recently launched a new range of ‘add-on’ for their members – copywriting for pitches, custom media lists and strategy advice.
I jumped on the copywriting and media list services quickly as I knew how valuable it would be to have an expert help me produce the right message and put it in front of the right people. I was also excited that it would save me time and remove one of my least favourite jobs 🙂 

Capra Designs featured on The Design Files website which boasts 180K unique monthly visitors.

The process was so straight forward and the results blew me away. I completed a survey which took about 15 minutes, at which point Flaunter was confident with their direction and then submitted the first draft. The copy was on point, perfectly encapsulated my brand and created a level of excitement I wouldn’t have been able to create myself. 

I am always recommending Flaunter. It’s a great way to get found for products that are visual or brands that are continuously producing beautiful imagery, 

“Journalists are time poor, I know if they have one place to go to to download a print-worthy pic, Flaunter is where they are going.”

Real Living Instagram plug
Capra Designs featured on Real Living‘s Instagram feed putting the brand in front of their 275K followers…


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