Flaunter makes it easy for media to talk about your brand more often.

We help connect your images and products with the best journalists, bloggers, influencers & stylists.

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Put your brand where the media is looking

Make it easy for media to talk about your brand more often

Let your images work for you 24/7 by being visible to media on demand - don’t hide them on a hard drive! Media download 750+ images daily from Flaunter.

Grow your media network

87% of Australian & NZ lifestyle publications are already using Flaunter to access pictures and products from brands just like you.

Never miss a media call out

Be the first to receive and respond to alerts when media send us their story briefs. We also manage more than 20+ custom media briefs a week.

Instantly measure your brand’s success

Who says PR can’t be measured...

Track and analyse how your brand is performing. Be notified when your images are viewed, see how many times they’ve been downloaded & what products the media actually care about.

Get exclusive insights

Access trending search terms, image download patterns and popular products that will help you grow your business.

Want to see where you sit within the media landscape?

Get real time data on how the industry is engaging with your brand, and other brands like you.

Never lose a single sample again

Easily keep your samples in check with Flaunter’s image-based sample tracking solution.


Take your showroom to the world

Showcase your samples in a private virtual showroom so media can view collections when it’s convenient for them.


Like having another showroom manager

Have confidence that you always know when your inventory is sent, what’s out and what samples are overdue (plus who has them!).


Instantly highlight your results

Run real-time reports to monitor the status of your samples, plus see which have been featured in editorials.

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Flaunter is used by more than 300 brands and PR agencies.
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