Looking to produce some eye-candy to score a little media attention? Here’s our guide to what the media are looking for…


They need quality photography

This goes without saying, but the media are looking for a professional, high-quality image, because they’re producing professional, high-quality content for their readers. Jump online or flick through some magazines and take note of what your target media regularly publish – then engage a photographer to produce creative, beautiful images that really sing. 

If your image quality isn’t up to scratch, or if the style sits way outside of the style of their regular content, it won’t get picked up – no matter how amazing your product is.



They need credit details, and they need them now

Shrinking teams and deadlines are one of the reasons why Flaunter has become a journalist’s new best friend.  The media can browse the library of available images, download the high-res version (and all that tricky credit information they need) in just a few clicks.  No more panicked phone calls, no more guessing.

Put your best foot forward by being prepared. Preload all your information into your Flaunter profile before the media ask for it.  

You may think withholding key information is a clever way to start a dialogue with a journalist who comes to you needing more product info, but what we’re hearing more regularly (and louder) from our media network, is that they prefer to simply move onto the next brand instead of asking questions…

Make the most of every media opportunity by:

  • Uploading your content at 300dpi (high-res) so the media can make use of your image, whether they’re working online or printing a gigantic, bedspread sized magazine (not a real thing, but we think it would be cool).
  • Always add the key information the media need to publish your product shot (ie. RRP, stockist, the product’s in-store dates).


They are looking for variety

Do you have a campaign, lookbook and ghosted product shot of the one dress from your SS18 campaign? Don’t leave shots languishing on your hard drive – upload them all to Flaunter. This includes multiple angles of the same product.  

Whilst deep-etched/ghosted/white background product shots are our most downloaded image type, the wide range of media browsing our site means that each and every kind of photography has an audience.

Images we’ve previously seen find favour with our media network:

  • Campaign images
  • Lookbook shots
  • Deep-etch/product shots – and multiple angles of the same product
  • Behind-the-scenes images from events, photoshoots, etc.
  • Professional headshots of the team/founders
  • Styled flat-lays or other fun shots produced for social media
  • Collaborations with celebrities/bloggers
  • Abstracted/artistic product shots
  • Images that tell a story/could be used in place of stock photography

That being said, the media tend to be looking for things currently in-store or coming soon, so if it’s no longer available for sale, best to hide it or update the in-store dates to ‘no longer available’.


Need more information about media-ready PR images? Read our article that dives into image quality, format and transfer best practice.


Image: Katarzyna Kos via Unsplash (banner); quality media-ready content in Style Magazine; photography studio by Fotolia