As much as we all love the convenience of shopping from our sofas in a daggy pair of trackies, from the designer’s perspective, it’s a lot harder to give customers a great online customer service experience…or is it? Flaunter has a few fabulous tips to help you wow your customers, even if you never meet face-to-face.
1. Packaging
To create a delightful customer experience from a distance, consider upping your packaging game. Having a parcel arrive in the mail is an exciting experience, so add to that good feeling by wrapping and boxing your items so they arrive in perfect condition and are an experience for your customers to open.  To that end: Make sure you send out those beautiful packages quickly!
Who does this well already? Apple & Mr Porter (Do you have any other favourites? Let us know!)
2. Killer product & website copy (that don’t inflate perceived value)
Inject your brand’s personality into product descriptions to increase (but not inflate) the perceived value of your products.  Several online fashion and beauty retailers are becoming known for their fun, girly vibe with just a touch of sass, so don’t shy away from showing some personality,  it can make your products sound even more appealing than they already are.
Be careful though! Don’t cross the line by talking your stuff up so much that it no longer matches the experience of the customer will have when the item arrives.
Who does this well already? Frank Body
3. Telling a story about your brand
Give your customers a more personalised feeling by adding a team profile section to your website. People love to deal with real people, so letting them see some of the faces behind their favourite pieces will help them feel even further connected to your brand, even from behind a computer screen.
Who does this well already? Art Club Concept
4. Personalised experience
Invest some time in building specialised e-marketing into your website.  Images of personalised items based on previous purchases sent directly to your customer’s inboxes are a great way to make your customers feel like you’re always a step ahead of them.
5. Make fit easy
What stops people from buying clothes online?  Worrying about fit. Make it easy for potential customers by uploading comprehensive product measurements and even the size of the product shot model (and size they’re wearing in the image).
Who does this well already? ModCloth goes one step further by allowing customers to upload their own measurements, so fit ceases to be a concern as the store automatically points them in the direction of the clothes which will flatter them most.
6. Customer care team as stylists
BNKR and The Iconic, along with a growing number of retailers, have a live customer care team available to chat with. The best part? Not only do these customer care gurus work to resolve any nitty gritty ordering issues, they also provide styling advice, just like a dedicated sales person would if they were standing in the store with you! What an amazing service for your customers.