Ever wondered what editors really want from the PRs they work with? We spoke to some of the best in the business to find out how to stand out from the pack, build relationships and get that coveted coverage. We spoke with Lauren Sams, Fashion Editor of the Australian Financial Review to find out more.

F: What can brands do to stand out in your crowded inbox?

LS: Send me something new, exclusive and relevant. 

F: How important is a brand’s story, and what makes a good brand story?

LS: Very important. For us at the AFR, a great brand story is one that resonates with our financially motivated and highly educated audience. Tell me about a former investment banker who is now making luxury heels, or a management consultant who figured out a way to create mushroom leather. 

F: What are 3 things that must be included in a media release or pitch email?

LS: That the story is exclusive. That the subject has time to speak – no email interviews. The time frame for the story. 

F: What’s the one thing you wish brands / PRs would do to make your life easier?

LS: Please don’t call me to follow up. If I haven’t replied, there is a reason.

F: How many emails a day would you send going back and forth with brands about things like RRP, availability etc.?

LS: 50

F: How important is it for brands to understand the constraints you are under – e.g. journalists being judged on the number of clicks their stories receive.

LS: We don’t think too much about clicks – we care much, much more about the quality and integrity of the story. We want to be first to market, we want exclusivity, we want relevance. We want a story that makes you stop and think. That’s what I am thinking about, all day.

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