As a stylist, I work both individually and collaboratively which requires the most up to date knowledge of fashion, beauty and more. I need to be across ongoing trend forecasts at all times in order to fulfil creative briefs. However, keeping ahead of the game and sourcing material for commercial or personal endeavours has become increasingly difficult in this competitive and evolving industry. On any given day, my job can include event management, writing articles and providing advice and services for individuals, brands and the media. Scanning the many different media formats just wasn’t a viable option anymore – I desperately needed to save time.
Luckily, I found Flaunter.
Problem – Identifying and finding the location of materials in a short time frame
Solution –  Complex jobs made simple
Using Flaunter’s content feed allows me access to the most current content available on the market. As the content is usually by the brands themselves, the product descriptions are clear and detailed. This includes information such as the relevant RRP, sales locations, in-store dates and the brand contact details – traditionally, all activities that take up valuable time.
With the addition of the ‘sample request’ tool – I can make direct contact with brands, allowing me to easily gather sample pieces. The overall time that either myself or my colleagues spend identifying, researching and acquiring products has been drastically reduced. Personally, the platform really is the ‘ground zero’ for sourcing an extensive range of big brand names and emerging designers. Flaunter has changed the way I search for my material as a stylist.
Problem – Sourcing unreleased items/collections for future brief
Solution – Exclusive and unseen content? Totally accessible through Flaunter’s multi-level platform
I originally joined Flaunter to use it as a tool to fulfil my current briefs. Now that I am familiar with the continuously updated content, and the detailed product information, I can forward plan with future in-store dates of particular pieces and collections. This also allows me to gauge upcoming trends of physical products, which is essential in my role.
Problem – Finding specific content and inspiration amongst the mountain of options
Solution – Curated products on a centralised platform with a purpose built search function
When in need of options for that one pair of pink pumps, conducting a search amongst all the various media available can be overwhelming. I found that a general search engine just isn’t enough to find exactly what I was looking for. Flaunter’s refined search tool means I can pinpoint products, right down to the exact material and make. As the platform contains only industry-relevant content, the results are closer to what I am looking for in comparison to public search tools.
In times of creative dry spells, Flaunter has made looking for new content simple as I am able to randomly search or simply scroll through the content feed. I can also ‘heart’ certain brands that I want to keep my eye on; Flaunter conveniently emails me when these brands update their albums. Finally, the platform also offers weekly ‘moodboards’ in fashion, interiors and beauty, showing off the top trending themes. Moodboards are my favourite place to find unique pieces and draw inspiration from.
Flaunter has changed the way I style and how I use my precious time. I can now focus more of my energy towards personal growth and creativity, helping me to leave my own mark on this competitive industry.
Image: Unsplash