Sharing a passion for bespoke accessories, two brothers sought to bring back the art of premium leather goods with an added personal twist. Combining handcrafted techniques, fine leather and contemporary designs, the Sabré brothers have created a brand that’s gaining serious attention for all the right reasons.

With recent showings at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, a new collaboration with renowned New York artist Amber Vittoria and coverage in Vogue and GQ, we couldn’t wait to chat with the team to find out more about their brand and how Flaunter fits into their PR strategy.


The MAISON de SABRÉ story

MAISON de SABRÉ was incorporated in January 2018 and has been operating for around 18 months. Currently, we have a team of 14 but we are growing month on month as the business continues to expand. Our most recent growth in Japan has seen MAISON de SABRÉ build a team in Tokyo to handle local operations. Our core focus is on producing refined small leather goods that are constructed with premium leathers and are able to be elegantly personalized with a monogram. The brand is positioned in the premium leather space, with colour ways and designs inspired by global fashion trends.

Why the team needed to find a better way

Being an online-only retailer and wanting high growth, we needed ways to expand our reach beyond social avenues and verify our business as a serious contender in the competitive premium market. PR helps with this process and allows our customers to understand that we are both real, and here to stay. 
Before Flaunter we tried direct outreach to publications but we did not see a high rate of success.
Maison de Sabre

The solution wishlist

Access to an engaged database and having transparency were number one on our wish list.

On finding Flaunter

Flaunter provided a library-like platform for brands and industry to connect, allowing MAISON de SABRÉ to publish campaign and product content for media to explore.

Why Flaunter was the perfect fit

Flaunter fits seamlessly into our teams’ day-to-day work, and into our overall Australian PR strategy. Because of the dynamic nature of the platform, we can upload product and campaign content that is viewable by all registered media. Alternatively, our team can also restrict content to certain media, allowing them to create tailored mood boards. With trackable links, our team is then alerted when content is saved and can follow this up immediately. With a small team, there is never enough time, so allowing us to dynamically prioritize tasks is a huge win.

Our team also takes these key wins and strategies as learning opportunities that can be applied to our other markets when doing PR outreach.

On saving time and money

Using Flaunter enhances the scope of PR and the amount of reach we are able to have within our current time frames. It really saves us time which means our team is more productive during the day and allows them to reach KPIs.

Maison de Sabre MBFWA
Maison de Sabré suite at 2019 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The biggest wins

We saw interest in our brand from day one, which was a huge win as a small brand. We have also had numerous articles published, including in Vogue, GQ, Jetstar and a small Japanese magazine which was rather surprising.

On Flaunter in 3 words

Innovative. Direct. Transparent.

Why MAISON de SABRÉ recommends Flaunter

PR is a crowded space and while it used to be about who you knew, it’s now more about who can see you. As a start-up in the premium accessories space, Flaunter has allowed us to garner interest from a variety of different media sectors. We would most definitely recommend it to other brands of all sizes.

Maison de sabre
The latest collaboration with artist Amber Vittoria.


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