There’s so much more to Pip Edwards than meets the social media eye. She’s been a risk manager, a publicist, an accessories designer and a brand ambassador, and is considered one of the most powerful women in Australian fashion today. We caught up with Edwards at General Pants HQ and found her as delightful as she is determined.
F: Congrats on your new role as Design Director at General Pants! How did you get first get started in the industry?
PE: Prior to my fashion career, I was working corporately at PriceWaterhouseCoopers doing Risk Management, and decided to take a complete 180 about turn and cross over to into fashion PR, after 6 months of learning the ropes, I joined the team at ksubi, which went on to become my family….
F: Can you describe a day in the life of Pip Edwards?
PE: Well. Its hectic. Its jammed packed and quite scheduled. Wake up around 6.30am. Get Justice ready for school. Get to work by 8.30am. In between meetings, appointments, and more meetings there is never much down time. After work, the activities are always abundant – whether it’s a work function or fitness training, there is always something on. Then I get justice from my parents, have a late dinner, and crash out in bed, just to do it all again tomorrow.
F: You travel a lot. The eternal question: how do you pack for an overseas trip?
PE: I still don’t think I could ever master this. I always pack too much. I try to pack complete looks and outfits. And generally, I just end up wearing the same thing every day!!! When will I ever learn, I do not know!
F: You’ve worked as a publicist, designer, stylist, brand ambassador… can you talk about the importance of great product photos in today’s media landscape?
PE: Well a good photo can sell anything. And with the power of Instagram and other social media channels, it’s all about photo flow, and imagery, so being creative, and showing off the product in the best possible light is paramount. 

F: What are your predictions for the big trends next summer? What will you be buying?
PE: Retro surf is making quite the comeback. I think it will be muted colourful summer!!! Bring on the pastels. This 70’s vibe is going to be quite big, with a touch of psychedelic coming through.
F: You have amazing style – how do you put an outfit together?
PE: It’s based on comfort and mood and then sometimes, dress code. Love a theme and a dress code!!!!
F: What’s the worst fashion purchase you’ve ever made?
PE: Well, I like to think they all make sense in the moment, right!!! But then there is a time and a place. Things always make a comeback, I’ve made a few dud purchases at the time that have actually had their own come back …. The worst purchase would be a pair of fluro pink pants which I have never worn, however I love them to death!!!!!! Does that even make sense??
F: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
PE: My father always told me, “Don’t be interesting, be interested”. Another good one is…. “Mean what you say. Say what you mean”
F: You’ve worked in roles many people would die for – what do you think is the key to success?
PE: Work hard, put the time in, want more, be accountable, be honest, be passionate, be interested and believe in yourself. Love what you do. Do what you love.
F: If you could only wear one outfit FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE – what would it be?
PE: Wow that’s a super hard yet kind of easy question. I definitely think light blue ripped boyfriend jeans, an awesome sporty fleece sweater and killer Balenciaga, Balmain or Givenchy shoes with massive Hoop earrings. Ha!!
Follow Pip on Instagram here: @pip_edwards1.