Because BETTER is better…

If you haven’t already discovered this fabulous new fragrance brand, prepare yourself for an olfactory revolution. The BETTER Brand is rewriting the rules of scent, bringing you the ultimate sensory escapade with unparalleled innovation and a deep-rooted dedication to eco-fabulousness.

Scent is one of our favourite things to invest in (you should see my nightstand – it’s a fragrance wonderland ). So, you can only imagine our delight when BETTER graced our fragrance radar. Upon learning about their mission to challenge the status quo and their unique philosophy (more on that below), we were immediately intrigued.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • They’re Australian and harness the power of Aussie botanical ingredients
  • All their fragrances are gender-neutral
  • They’re all about celebrating your authentic self – whatever makes you feel good, whatever makes you feel better
  • They’ve ingeniously united the perks of body care and skin-loving ingredients with fragrance
  • Oh, and their bottles are refillable

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An eau de parfum that’s accessible to all. BETTER has moved away from the stereotypical scents that pigeonhole gendered perfumes. Say adieu to the clichéd, flowery femininity and the rugged, smoky masculinity. From Ocean Wild’s breezy coastal charm to Fresh Intent’s natural allure and Smoky Notes’ captivating escapism, each scent is pure olfactory ecstasy.

Let’s discuss each fragrance, shall we

Ocean Wild transcends you to the fresh, salty air at the beach with notes of saffron, coconut water, ginger, sea salt and driftwood. It’s like a never-ending summer dream! (And yes, it’s my personal favourite, too).

The Better Brand - On Flaunter

Fresh Intent encompasses wild scents of nature with notes of fresh earth, herbs, saffron, tobacco leaf, hints of tea and fresh rhubarb. Oh my yum – it’s giving ‘fresh local markets on a Sunday’ vibes.

The Better Brand - On Flaunter

Smoky Notes is a fragrance is an evocative getaway in a bottle. The soft smoke, suede leather, tobacco leaf and dry grass take you to a place where you a sitting by the fire, drinking wine with your friends and family. It doesn’t get much better than this.

The Better Brand - On Flaunter

But it’s not just about heavenly scents; The BETTER Brand’s fragrances are packed with goodness. They hydrate, battle free radicals, soothe inflammation and work their magic on your skin’s natural regeneration.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this brand is on a mission to tackle the global climate crisis! They’re reducing waste, championing a circular economy and producing 90% of The BETTER Brand products on Australian shores. Each bottle is crafted from 100% recycled materials, primarily aluminium (infinitely recyclable), and they even offer refills for each bottle. It’s making your life easier while helping the planet combat the climate crisis.

The BETTER Brand isn’t just an incredible fragrance company; it’s a commitment to irresistible scents that protect both you and the environment.

Ready to take a deeper dive into this aromatic adventure? Learn more about the brand or discover their complete suite of media-ready PR assets and product samples available on Flaunter.

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