“We’re saving around 44 hours a week across our team. Since we’ve signed up with Flaunter, we’ve never looked back.”

Who are 1Milk2Sugars Communications?

“We are a bilingual agency (French and English) founded in 2012, in Montreal Canada, by Priya Chopra. We have grown into a team of 22, split between two offices (Montreal and Toronto), catering to lifestyle brands, from beauty, pharma and fashion, to hospitality, home decor and food and beverage.”


1milk 2 sugars client - innisfree

How were you organising your images and managing your showrooms prior to discovering Flaunter?

“Before Flaunter, we were using WeTransfer and Google Drive, and had to deal with expired and lost links, huge file sizes and editors who just wanted a simpler system. We were managing multiple folders and sending multiple emails, and wasting a lot of time that could have been better spent serving our clients.”

“Since we’ve signed up with Flaunter, we have never looked back. It’s rare you find a tool that ticks all the boxes. This one does just that.”

Emma Cusson, Creative Director + Head of Partnerships

How did Flaunter change the way you work?

“Flaunter has made it seamless for media to easily access files and images without having to sift through their emails and without us having to resend multiple links. We’ve been able to strengthen our relationships with editors because we’re saving them time too.

Flaunter has helped us streamline our client assets management, while also helping us give feedback to clients using real data, thanks to the download reporting function that gives us insight on the assets that are the most requested.

Flaunter takes into consideration ease of use, function, efficiency and aesthetics all at once. It’s also a relatively affordable tool compared to other PR software and we manage about 80% of our image requests on the platform.

Each user on our team is saving 1-2 hours every week.”

1milk2sugars client Mr Kate

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

“Most definitely. I recommend it for any PR professional, especially in an era where physical showroom access is limited.”


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