“Flaunter is the most comprehensive and easy to use sample management tool for our agency.”

Who is AWPR?

AWPR is based in Surry Hills and works out of Paramount by The Office Space. Our team consists of three dedicated members, Adam Worling – Director, Ally Downing – Public Relations Specialist, and Shamus Mason – Junior PR Manager. 

Our client portfolio currently boasts Australian iconic Carla Zampatti, experts in sustainable fashion Ginger & Smart, department store powerhouse David Jones, Perth based Kailis Australian pearls, iconic brazillian footwear label Havaianas, Australia’s largest fashion festival VAMFF and the charity, Thread Together.

AWPR operates quite differently to a regular fashion agency in that we no longer offer a physical showroom of our clients’ samples. Each brand manages their samples at their own offices, and we work collaboratively in order to facilitate loans for shoots, dressing and everything in between. 

Adam Worling pictured with Genevieve and Alexandra Smart of Ginger & Smart.

Why AWPR shifted away from physical showrooms

I have always believed in “what next” and I could see that fashion PR was being disrupted. AWPR was known to have one of the most glamorous showrooms in Sydney though over time it had become a glamorous warehouse. The demand from media to visit showrooms had dropped dramatically and the cost associated had become unprofitable. I wanted to be more nimble and to be able to work remotely as well as in an office. To have more contact with clients and having the collections at their offices has encouraged more conversation. I predict that post the COVID pandemic we will see the demise of the fashion showroom – both from a physical need and a cost factor. 

How AWPR discovered Flaunter

Prior to using Flaunter AWPR had always used Launchmetrics sample tracking tools to manage samples and send outs. When we shifted away from the showroom we were trying to figure out the most seamless way to work with our clients on deliveries and returns of samples. We had heard of other PRs using the Flaunter tools and it was highly recommended. 

Why Flaunter has become an essential tool

Shamus is the Flaunter guru in our team. He will use it when a request comes through for samples to create an invoice to send through to the client to pick and courier items to the receiver. He also uses it to track overdue samples and manage the call backs of samples needed for upcoming shoots.


The biggest benefit of Flaunter to our team is the simplicity of sample management. It is easy for us to see when a send out is overdue and gives us a comprehensive look at where the samples are currently on loan. Report generating is also another key feature which holds great benefit to us. By exporting weekly reports we are able to effectively communicate to our clients what samples have been sent out each week and to who. 

How Flaunter makes sample tracking feel seamless

We use the showroom rack creator and create individual racks for each client and each of their collections as it would be in a physical showroom. We have garments saved as their flat lay image in each colour it is available in to ensure it is very clear when creating send outs. To have this all set out so simply makes our job a lot easier when facilitating send out requests. 

Flaunter reduces sample loss

Everyday Flaunter helps us to succeed. Each time AWPR has a request, Flaunter makes it easy to construct an invoice to pass on to clients to ensure the samples are sent out and traceable to avoid any loss.

Carla Zampatti MBFWA 2019 – image via Marie Claire.

AWPR’s favourite digital tools

Zoom and Google Meets.  In the past, you needed the boardroom and camera/video facilities, which in a short time, seems such an old way of communicating. With these digital tools, we’re all discovering a swift new way of communicating from wherever we are. I can see press launches being staged via Zoom – a great use of everyone’s time.

Why AWPR recommends Flaunter to other PR’s

We would recommend Flaunter as it is the most comprehensive and easy to use sample management tool for our agency.

The Flaunter team is there to help at any time and happy to assist with any needs that we have had, making it easy to solve any questions we have.