Organising PR assets into customised mood boards saves the Cotton On Group an average of eight hours per week and guarantees that media brief responses are targeted and tracked.

Who is Cotton On Group? 

After humble beginnings at Beckley Market in Geelong back in 1988, the Cotton On Group is now Australia’s largest global retailer. We now have 7 brands with 1400 stores, operating in 19 countries worldwide. Our brands include Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Rubi, Cotton On Kids, Typo, Factorie, and Supre. 

In 2007, we also launched The Cotton On Foundation which is the Cotton On Group’s philanthropic arm, dedicated to empowering youth globally.

Our PR and social team works across Cotton On, Cotton On Body & Rubi. The other brands have individual internal teams.

Cotton On PR and social team.

Why Flaunter has become an essential tool

We found Flaunter when we started looking for an alternative to having a physical showroom and agency. We needed a tool that kept digital assets organised and one that our entire team and contacts could easily use. 

Now, our in-house PR coordinators use Flaunter to house all our monthly product and campaign imagery. It’s a lot more user friendly than Dropbox and enables us to create albums and mood boards with multiple brands – plus all everything is tracked which makes reporting much easier. 

How the mood board feature makes life easy for journalists and the Cotton On team

Fully customised albums (for us, they contain a monthly drop) and creating mood boards to respond to briefs that we receive both directly and through Flaunter are the most helpful features. 

Media can get very frustrated when they put out a specific callout but then receive an entire folder of images that may only contain 1 – 2 items that fit their brief. Flaunter mood boards enable us to quickly send only what a media outlet has asked for without having to upload the product images again or trawl through folders on the hard drive.

We also find that in the lead up to peak trade periods (especially Christmas, Black Friday & Cyber Monday) it’s really useful to be able to create mood boards for particular sales and categories that are a key push. These often include multiple brands and it is very easy to compile these assets from the brand folders.

Why Cotton On Group recommends Flaunter to other in-house PR teams.

It’s quick, easy, and very user friendly. Flaunter is a great way to share assets with media and other contacts.