“80% of the time I’ll find imagery on Flaunter to use in the mags each week.”

Aimee Bruce produces up to 12 pages a week for fashion and beauty publications including WHO, New Idea and Women’s Day. Flaunter is her go-to for sourcing high quality, deep-etched, beautiful imagery to grace her pages. We sat down with Aimee to learn more about how her role has changed (hint: it’s a whole lot busier) and why she chooses Flaunter to find the best images.

Aimee Bruce on why she loves Flaunter


Tell us a little about what your typical day looks like.

 “A typical day for me consists of researching, compiling and writing beauty and fashion pages for Australian’s biggest weekly magazines like WHO, New Idea and Woman’s Day. For example, if I’m compiling a fashion spread, a lot of my time is spent researching trends, what celebrities are wearing it, and what brands have the trend in their collections.”

How has the type of work you do changed over the past few years?

“When I first started as a  fashion assistant for a weekly mag, we had a whole team who were creating approximately 6-8 pages for ONE title. Now, I write up to 12 pages a week of fashion and beauty content across 3-5 different titles on average. So I’m very busy!”

What part of your job takes you the most time?

“Definitely searching for fashion product. I’ve had a lot of practice over the years and I’m definitely more efficient, but it’s the most time consuming part of the job for sure. I’m often jumping from different press platforms and websites to get the right product as well as conversing daily with PRs over email to get new assets. The second most time consuming part of the job would be finding great celebrity shots. Celebrity news is the bread and butter of the titles I work for, so they’re a key part of the lifestyle pages. Myself and our team of picture editors find the perfect shot to compliment the story, or sometimes a celebrity look might inspire a whole page.”

What’s the most ‘painful’ part of your job?

“Due to the nature of our titles and demographic of our readers, a lot of our fashion pages need to be shoppable and accessible. The best imagery for that is deep-etched, ghosted product as it gives a clear picture of the product on offer without the interference of how a model wears it. Also, we’re tight on space too. The most painful part of my job is when brands don’t shoot their product this way and therefore I can’t include some really amazing brands in the publication for our readers. I definitely understand from a brand perspective why they do it, as it costs more money to shoot product this way, but for press it’s definitely something that all writers and editors love!”  

How does Flaunter make your job easier? How much time would it save you per week?

“Flaunter means I don’t have to go trawling through websites and creating massive call outs to PR agencies for imagery with sometimes not much luck. It allows me to jump on in my own time,  search and scroll a more curated edit of what I need. I can refine down to ‘deep etch imagery’ , by availability or colour which leaves me with a concise edit of what’s available to me. Sometimes I might struggle to find something more niche but overall, 80% of the time I’ll find good quality imagery I can use in the mags each week.”

What do you like most about Flaunter?

“I love how it saves me putting imagery call outs to my 100+ list of contacts that I would then have to spend hours replying to, and requesting imagery. My job is very fast paced with not a lot of time between deadlines, so efficiency is key!  I have been a Flaunter fan right from the start, and it’s always been helpful but the amount of brands on there now is so much better and means Flaunter is my number one go to when compiling pages.”

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