Since implementing Flaunter in early 2018, TMC PR has been able to deliver 40% more coverage and 80% less sample loss for their clients.

Who is TMC PR?

TMC PR (previously Tailor Maid Communications) is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency based in Potts Point with fourteen years experience delivering results-driven and best in industry services to each of their clients. The team is led by Chief Maids, Sally Brown and Chrissy Biasotto. 

Bringing a fresh new approach to publicity focused on innovation, creativity, efficiency and professionalism. The dynamic full-service agency has grown to offer public relations, marketing, digital, content and events services that are always delivered with a personal, enthusiastic and fun approach.

We create impactful communications that make brands resonate in culture.

Why TMC chose Flaunter over other software

We used to manage all our processes manually which was time-consuming and at times, not 100% accurate. We then went to an international system similar to Flaunter but found their customer service terrible, and decided to look for alternatives. 

We wanted a local, competitively priced system to streamline media requests, sample tracking and reporting on behalf of our clients and came across the lovely and helpful team at Flaunter.

Flaunter provided a solution to reach more media, more often 

Flaunter acts as our own virtual showroom, allowing both after hours and interstate requests which we were not able to fulfil previously.

We feel Flaunter allows us to reach a larger and broader pool of media, allowing immediate access to relevant imagery for our brands. 

Flaunter holds all of our fashion and beauty brands within the agency. Acting as our digital tracker for all of the physical samples that we have in the showroom. Which allows us to keep on top of where a garment is at any one time.  

We generally stick to the rule of not having pieces out from the showroom any longer than two weeks, to ensure each piece can be sent to as many media outlets/influencers as possible to ensure maximum exposure each season. 

How TMC uses Flaunter all day, every day 

Flaunter is used on a day-to-day basis specifically by our junior publicists across both the fashion and beauty teams.

We use Flaunter for; 

  • Showroom sample tracking – through Flaunter we can virtually offer every item in our showroom to media at any time, we can keep track of where each item is at all times, and we always have an up-to-date list of what items are physically available in the showroom to lend out
  • Media visibility – we select which media can have access to each of our brands based on our approved media lists
  • Media requests
  • Image requests
  • Media pitching 
  • Reporting
The TMC team

Flaunter’s Sample Tracking and Reporting tools provide huge value

The sample tracking and reporting mechanisms are the most useful for our agency. 

Sample tracking (trafficking) – this feature allows us to keep track of all of our samples, meaning that we are instantly able to locate any item at the touch of a button. This ensures that pieces are not out any longer than two weeks at a time which maximises exposure each season.

Reporting – the reports that are sent to us from Flaunter allow us as an agency to follow up and secure coverage. The reporting also allows us to check publications and stylists that have downloaded hi-res imagery to confirm editorial coverage. 

Achieving results for both clients and media 

We are able to provide media with instant access to all relevant imagery for the brands we represent, meaning that it is possible for media to download these images for usage without us having to do a thing.

In many cases, following up with journalists and media who have downloaded these images helps us to secure further coverage whilst also developing relationships with media. 

Since using Flaunter we have seen an uplift in coverage overall for each of our clients.

TMC’s favourite digital tools

Two of the most used digital tools that we use in the TMC office are Flaunter and Telum. 

Why TMC recommends Flaunter to other PR’s

It’s an easy to use inventory tracking system that helps us know where every sample is at any given time and ensures no lost product.

As an agency, Flaunter allows us to offer a 24/7 service for each of our brands. 

Flaunter assists in reporting and gives a lot more detail and insights for our clients.