Tell us a little about you – what publications / clients do you work for?

I’m a fashion stylist and commercial photographer based in Sydney. My fashion editorial work has been published in Grazia Au, L’officiel Ukraine, L’officiel Russia, Lobster Mag and more. In addition to my fashion editorial work, I also work with Australian fashion labels and private clients. I’m regularly sourcing the latest looks from luxury fashion clients to shoot or style.

What do you love about Flaunter?

Flaunter saves me so much time when I’m pulling product to style and shoot. The tool instantly shows the stock availability, colourways, season looks and more. As soon as I submit an order, the agency can arrange same day delivery via a courier, which means I’m able to get samples in record time. With the deadlines for working with publications getting shorter and shorter, this super speedy delivery can make the difference between whether a product gets included in a shoot or not.

How do you work with brands and agencies who don’t use Flaunter? How is the experience different?

Brands and agencies who don’t use Flaunter typically take between 1 -3 days to get back to me about stock availability, and if I’m looking for stock over the weekend, it’s even longer. That turnaround time can mean the difference between whether something gets included in shoots or not, as I’m often working on really tight timeframes and at unexpected hours. Brands who use Flaunter are more likely to get coverage in the publications I style for simply because the turnaround time is so much faster and it allows me to plan more efficiently.

What are the most time consuming parts of your job? Does Flaunter make these easier?

One of the most time consuming activities is sourcing garments and props – but Flaunter makes this process a lot easier because I don’t have to send a tonne of emails back and forth with a brand or agency to find out what’s available. Brands can send me a link directly to their digital showroom, and I’m able to select directly from that link. I wish more agencies used Flaunter, it would make this whole process a lot more streamlined.

What Flaunter features do you use most often?

I love the sample tracking functionality and love it when a brand sends me a link to a sample rack or showroom. It’s a great tool to showcase exactly what sample stock is available, and it’s updated in real time. I can request the product I need for photoshoots directly from the link I am sent, I know it’ll be available and I can see when the brand has sent the stock to me. It also helps the brand keep track of what I’ve sent back from shoots – so there’s never any confusion about where samples are. I also love that if one of my clients wants to buy something we’ve shot or styled, the brand can easily flick me an invoice through the system.

Would you recommend Flaunter to others in the industry?

Definitely! I’ve seen the impact using Flaunter has had on my day to day work to save me time and resources, and know that it’s just a matter of time before other stylists catch on!

Image: Yan Martea

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