Flaunter is a digital and uncomplicated tool for Zulu & Zephyr to manage images and media samples – reducing sample loss by 95% and saving as much 16 hours per week for the small (but mighty!) team.

Why the team needed to find a better way 

We were sending 6MB lookbooks to media and retailers – which took up time and space. Then we’d have to physically double-check our inventory prior to confirming any sample send-outs. We needed to find something digital that allowed us to track and manage our sample inventory that we rely on for influencers, events and media.

Flaunter is a digital solution 

Flaunter provides a solution that ticks all the boxes. It’s digital, efficient and most importantly – takes out the complication of managing and accounting for our media samples.

On implementing the solution 

In the beginning, we were uncertain of how to upload multiple units for one style onto the digital sample racks. Luckily, the team at Flaunter made this process much easier with 1-on-1 training and a simple breakdown of how to set everything up in a way that worked for our team.

On saving time 

Flaunter has allowed our team to have more visibility across our media sample management. The digital showroom and automatic email alerts to media keeps us modern and not drowning in a backlog of emails. Using Flaunter has also allowed our marketing team to become more timely as they have immediate access to all our current brand assets in one place.


Why the platform makes daily tasks easier

We would recommend Flaunter to our work peers because it is such an important platform given the changing direction of the PR industry. It consolidates all the information you need in real-time and makes daily tasks much easier.

Flaunter in 3 words 

Helpful, visual and seamless.