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Flaunter is the ultimate free PR tool helping influencers build relationships with premium brands and agencies.

With Flaunter, you’ll have access to a database of 100s of premium brands across industries such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, homewares, travel, venues and more. Flaunter connects you with the right brands and opens doors to new collaborations and opportunities. Talk directly with the Brand Manager or PR about a campaign, collaboration and request sample loans and PR gifts.

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Brand Directory

A one-stop-shop for discovering new fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands and requesting collaborations or samples via a direct message to the brand manager.

Call outs

Post a callout to our network of brands and make collaborations and samples come to you. All submission responses are stored and saved within your account.

PR gift and sample requests

Browse digital showroom collections and request gifts or samples, all from within Flaunter. To keep things organised, all your showroom invitations and sample requests will be automatically stored in your account.

Request Sample Loans or PR Gifts from Brands

Browse digital showroom collections and request products and samples, all from within Flaunter

Eliza Structured Bustier Mini

Leo Lin

Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil

Facile Nails

Rosy Maxi Dress - Ivory

Spring / Summer Rack

Gold Loop w Charm

Cushla Whiting

Beach Umbrellas

Sundays By Pillow Talk

Collections available 24/7

More than a look book – welcome to your personal digital showroom. Get a 360-degree view of your favourite brand’s current sample collections and what’s available for loan, in real-time.

The easiest way to request samples

Browse sample collections in your Flaunter account and then make loan requests directly online, making it simple to communicate exactly what you need.

Manage all your loans in once place

To keep things organised, all your showroom invitations and sample requests will be automatically stored in your account.


Connect with 100's of premium brands and take your influencer career to the next level with Flaunter


Seamlessly connect with brands to start your collaboration or campaign

The content creator plan for stylists and influencers is 100% free.

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