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Browse digital showroom collections and request samples, all from within Flaunter

Adelaide Maxi Xanthia Print

Spring / Summer Rack

Willow Pullover Marine

Spring / Summer Rack

Hudson Slouch Pant - Denim

Spring / Summer Rack

Amity Bell Sleeve Pullover

Spring / Summer Rack

Rosy Maxi Dress - Ivory

Spring / Summer Rack

Collections available online, 24/7

More than a look book – welcome to your personal digital showroom. Get a 360-degree view of your favourite brand’s current sample collections and what’s available for loan, in real-time.

The easiest way to request samples

Browse sample collections in your Flaunter account and then make loan requests directly online, making it simple to communicate exactly what you need.

Manage all your loans in once place

To keep things organised, all your showroom invitations and sample requests will be automatically stored in your account.


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Pared Eyeware


West Elm

Homewares & Interiors


Fashion & Travel

In Bed

Homewares & Interiors

Bec & Bridge


M.A.C Cosmetics



Fashion & Beauty




"There's an ever-growing range of brands which helps us keep on top of what’s newly released and we’ve been introduced to brands we didn’t know before, that fit well within our magazine. Flaunter is like a smorgasbord of products all in the one spot."

"I not only use Flaunter to access imagery for my blog articles, but I find that editorial ideas are often generated from browsing the image library. One of the key differentiators I've found with Flaunter is the image quality. It's second to none."

“Sometimes it’s a challenge to find still life accessories or products for a story – and we appreciate how busy PR agents are – so having a site like Flaunter to go to for immediate download access is such a relief… especially on those deadline days!”

"The Flaunter team understand content and they know how to meet tough newspaper deadlines. It is great to be able to post a callout and have it filled within the day! This instant-access platform has saved us time, money and stress.“

Jane Cameron
Fête/Life Magazine


Chris Carroll
The Life Creative


Robyn Fay Perkins
Marie Claire & InStyle


Prue Lewington
The Sunday Telegraph


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