Stuck in a rut? Sometimes maintaining creative flow can become static. When it feels as though those lightbulb moments have all but disappeared, it may be time to freshen up your brand.
Trying to bring new and noteworthy content to the table is not as difficult as you may think – the hardest bit is finding an idea to get started with.  Here are Flaunter’s top 3 tips for helping take creative direction to the next level.
1. Have a little stalk… 
We swear it’s not as sneaky as it sounds!
Sometimes the key to sourcing the best creative prompts can be right in front of you. Treat your creative strategy much like a pinterest board and collect ideas wherever you go that reflect your brand’s personality and inject some of your newfound inspiration into your social channels.
While we’re on the subject of social – it’s a great idea to your audience on various social media platforms to really learn who your followers are. Generally those currently responding to your message share some common ground.   With visual presentation on social media a focal point in successful promotion these days, freshing up your layout, colour scheme, etc are all creative ways that can increase your social competitiveness.  Creating an ‘artwork’ with your content can shift the focus from an ‘obvious advertising strategy’ to something people really enjoy looking at – a multiple layer marketing strategy.
Remember, it’s fine to take inspiration from those you find interesting, but avoid playing copy-cat (reference everything!) Who knows what you may find? There are plenty of creatives doing some pretty cool things that could spark a few new ideas of your own.
2. Jazz up your feed…
When your current collection has truly overstayed its welcome and posting another photo of those same loafer flats for the 4th time seems catastrophic, you may want to shift your focus to a content plan.
So what should you post? First things first, keeping your content relevant to brand image is essential. When fabricating blog posts, place priority on writing about topics that will be of interest to your audience, not just things you think will ‘sell’ your brand..
Still stuck? A great way of creating content can be simply through engagement with your followers. Crowdsourcing is an excellent way of collecting content without the hefty prices or a huge amount of organisation. For example: Try running a creative photo competition on Instagram to engage your followers. In addition to creating some great buzz around your brand, you’ll also come across some pretty dreamy, post-worthy pics curated specifically for your brand, by your audience.
3. Find your friends…
Try looking outwards for your next bit hit.  Gone are the days of your brand vs: the world. Many businesses are taking their success to the next level by finding mutually beneficial collaborations with adjacent brands, artists or retailers.
Working with others can bring about new inspiration, combining two distinct philosophies and images. Not only is this creative intelligence at its best, it allows two brands to showcase themselves to an additional market segment.  Besides, if history is anything to go by, collaborations can generate showstopper products and keep consumers excited when they’re least expecting it.
Interiors and Fashion labels may benefit strongly from this as the collaboration can cross over from either category. Keeping your brand range exciting may just be the refresh you were in need of.
Image: Philip Karlberg