There’s no shortage of PR tools designed to make our jobs easier, but which are the best PR tools on the market for brands and agencies? Flaunter has pulled together the best of the best, from sourcing media lists through to analysing the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Best PR Tools for Sourcing Media Lists

Muck Rack

Muck Rack maintains the most up-to-date media database in the industry by combining cutting edge technology with the work of a team of experienced in-house editors. It’s the best source of international media lists, which are especially useful for brands looking to launch overseas. Journalists can also update their portfolios to showcase their work and to provide information about what stories they’re looking for, their personal interests and how they prefer to be pitched.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach helps you find Instagram and Youtube influencers in specific niches and locations. It also has a built in CRM to help you manage your campaigns and keep track of your outreach.

Myrasoft Media Databases 

Myrasoft Media Databases are professional mailing lists used by webmasters and companies looking for web promotion software, web directory and search engine software as well as email marketing tools and media databases. They have an open format which can be used with any compatible email program able to import standard text or csv files.

Best PR Tools for Pitching Media


Obviously. PRs get the best traction when they send a link to their Flaunter digital showroom or press centre when pitching to media. PRs can then see what content has been downloaded, planned published date, and can also export a list of engaged editors who regularly publish content about your brand.


Newswire is a press release distribution tool that also rolls media monitoring and media list management into one. Newswire your press release to thousands of media outlets to help you gain greater brand awareness and publicity.

PR Underground is an affordable press release distribution service that publishes your announcement out to Google News, 80+ syndicated news/TV websites, and social bookmarking sites.

24/7 Press Release

24/7 Press Release says it all in the name – use this tool to distribute your press release to major news outlets or just get it posted on the 24/7 Press Release website. 


Pressat is a press release distribution service that aims to help businesses and PR agencies manage PR campaigns. Pressats cloud-based approach, provides solutions for; news distribution, translation, copywriting, disclosure services, media databases amongst other scenarios. 


NewsBox is a web-based platform to assist businesses manage and streamline operations related to PR, business intelligence, inbound marketing as well as share published news content across social networking platforms. Their cloud-based platform allows small to medium businesses manage news content and distribute it across these social media platforms. 

Best PR Tools for Managing Media Contacts


Prezly allows you to manage contacts, create campaigns and distribute them to your lists. The real power of Prezly comes from their analytics tools that allow you to measure the success of your outreach and report back to clients, simply and easily.


Respona is a digital PR CRM that helps you build contact lists of digital journalists as well as manage your outreach. The AI tool scans the internet to find articles relevant to your space, and uses this information to help you build a media list. The tool also allows you to build an email drip sequence to automate your media outreach and follow up.

PR Igloo

PR Igloo is a PR customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows you to build press releases and distribute them to your media list. The tool tracks all of your outreach, which makes reporting a breeze. 


Designed for midsize to large businesses in travel, content marketing, advertising, and other industries, BuzzStream is a public relations management tool that helps using reports, task management, and more.

PRmax Press Office 

PRmax Press Office is a PR tool that provides users with media database, email and SEO press realse distribution, engagement logging and monitoring. It is designed for PR and communications professionals and agencies, using a cloud-based platform that provides media coverage, contact management, creates lists and monitors social media platforms.


MediaHQ is most commonly used by PR and communications teams as a press release distribution and media contacts database. It essentially allows pr professionals to send releases to the right journalists without any confusion.


Evertise is used for PR, press release distribution and corporate communications. They aim to help brands by engaging audiences in meaningful ways with communications solutions that achieve measurable and verifiable results. They hope to help brands reach audiences anywhere and everywhere with the help of press release distribution and earned media.

Best PR Tools for Building Digital Newsrooms


Build beautiful digital press centres using Flaunter. Our platform allows you to upload all of your campaign and deep etched imagery, then manage the distribution of links to your media list. Track who opens, downloads, and publishes your imagery via seamless reporting, spend less time playing email tag with journalists and be discovered by journalists looking for new and interesting brands to feature. creates unique newsrooms for brands and PR agencies. By applying modern PR strategies allows communications teams to simply and efficiently complete tasks such as; publish client news, build press lists, maintain relationships with media contacts and manage complex editorial workflows on one platform. 


Supernewsroom is a communications platform that is most commonly used by; big brands, small companies, start-ups and PR agencies. The role of supernewsroom allows users to unlimited rich-media emails using an email blast tool, pitch a story online and receive responses to your mailbox. The iReport feature also allows users to receive real-time insights into media engagement.


PressPage allows you to build digital newsrooms – basically like a mini website that you can upload imagery and press releases to. You can then send your digital newsroom to their database of media contacts.

Online PR Software 

Most commonly used by PR and marketing professionals, iPressroom provides companies such as Target, to create, manage, integrate and publish their latest news and distribute that information to their targeted audience. Brands are able to reach both traditional and social media outlets from their online newsroom.

Best PR Tools for Sample Tracking / Trafficking


Flaunter’s beautiful sample tracking tools reduce sample loss by 95% and PRs report hours of saved time each week. Send private links to editors and stylists that allow them to request samples directly, then manage sendouts and returns with the click of a button. AND there’s a free two week trial.

Coverage Book  

Coverage book essentially tracks engagement by collecting and presents data such as mentions and results of earned efforts. The offline feature of coverage book allows users to attach the URL of an article or post and screenshot the coverage, the multiple entries of coverage will then be collected and presented through a main dashboard representing overall views and shares.

Covered Press 

Covered Press allows PR professionals to access various tools by combining press tracking, reporting and analytics into an efficient PR platform. 

Best PR Tools for Media Monitoring


Meltwater are best known for their media monitoring tools which track coverage across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts. Built for enterprise brands like Google, Newscorp and QANTAS, it’s not cheap but is one of the biggest players in the industry. Meltwater helps these industry giants track sentiment, coverage and share of voice per platform.


Targeting reporters and PR/Coms professionals looking to share engaging content such as videos, stories and events. The crossover between industries allows PR professionals for example, to discover niche content through reporters who specialise in specific content ideation and in turn, reporters can share and connect with other reporters looking to fill specific stories.


Burrelles is a media monitoring tool that assists small to large businesses with content monitoring, document organisation and reporting. Their media relations planning, media monitoring and media measurement platform aims to help clipping management and reporting.


Mention is a social listening tool that allows you to input the name of your company and receive notifications to your inbox whenever someone mentioned your brand. The real value comes from the analysis which helps you to track consumer sentiment and potentially identify key influencers who already love your brand. 


Cision is best known for its media monitoring tools. Another enterprise solution, Cision monitors online publications, broadcast, print, social media and podcasting. It also boasts a list of 1.4 M curated journalists, outlets, and opportunities, along with over 1 billion social influencer profiles.


Brand24 creates an organised feed of all of your company’s mentions across social media, making it easier to react and respond in real time. One of the coolest features is the way the tool tracks increases in mentions about your brand – in case there’s a crisis brewing and you need to jump on it straight away.

Critical Mention

Critical Mention is another tool for media monitoring and building a database. Another enterprise level solution, you’ll need to be a big brand to justify it, but media contacts are updated within 24 hrs of changing, so that’s a plus. They also map your outreach to specific journalists and then track the results in real-time.


The value of organisation is at the heart of myConvento, which aims to provide PR professionals with an integrated management system, allowing users to connect their various areas of work in one system. The role of built in workflows aims to reduce workload by relieving users of routine tasks.

Agility PR Solutions 

Most commonly used by PR and corporate communications professionals, Agility PR Solutions acknowledges the ever expanding media landscape, and the pressure to display results. Therefore, their PR solutions aim to help businesses; reach influential media, amplify messages and measure results to ultimately improve their reach.


Hyperfactors is used by anyone attempting to grow, evaluate or improve their media presence such as; brands, PR agencies, merlaters and corporate communicators. By providing all the tools and facts, hyperfactors combine fata, analytics, technology and tools to provide PR and Earned Media professionals a unified and uncomplicated results.

Zignal Enterprise 

Zignal Enterprise empowers PR, communications and risk teams to build and protect their organisations by using intelligence to analyse digital stories to allow customers to discover and manage narratives that can either help or harm them. Zignal’s processing language combined with their machine learning algorithms identify risks and opportunities as they emerge and provide insight into shaping the narratives that matter the most.


CivicFeed is a cloud-based, media monitoring tool to track and share media coverage through data-driven insights and briefing email etc. It is often used by marketers, communications professionals and digital teams who operate in a PR and coms setting.

Best PR Tools for Analysing Your Effectiveness


CoverageBook allows you to upload all of the links from coverage you’ve received, then they’ll pull all of the data for that coverage, including audience stats, reach and average domain authority. It creates a beautiful report that showcases all of the coverage alongside the summary data.

Control G 

Control G is a web-based solution designed for advertising agencies, design firms, design boutiques, in-house agencies, PR and marketing firms. They essentially aim to help with estimating, general ledger and media control.


Nectarine is an online tool for PR teams of all sizes to create and share visual coverage reports. Via a drag and drop interface, PR teams can tailor reports to specific stakeholder audience, share these via email, and track engagement.


Also known as Onclusive, AirPR is a data science company for marketing and communications. They reveal realistic strategies that drive business outcomes and reveal to brands the most valuable content for their target audiences in a range of business sectors such as healthcare, internet, financial services and insurance.


TVEyes is a PR  solution to assist businesses in a range of industries such as entertainment and finance monitor broadcasts, identify broadcasting trends and conduct media research. The aim of this solution is to help with media training, brand monitoring, logo detection and radio coverage editing.


ACCESSWIRE is a cloud-based newsirew solution that assists businesses of all sizes with social engagement, targeting, webcast broadcast, press monitoring, press release builder and analytics. Similar to Newswire, it allows businesses to broadcast their company story through distribution channels to enhance audience engagement.

Best Full Suite PR Tools


Prowly allows you to manage the PR process from end to end. From sourcing media lists to creating a media release then pitching your story, Prowly’s visual UX makes building a visual press release easy but the real value of the tool is it’s over 1m media contact details that are updated regularly.


TrendKite aims to assist PR professionals and agency teams of businesses of all sizes build a punctual and thoroughly accurate picture of their brands media coverage. Using advanced analytics, aesthetic reporting and voice analysis TrendKite allows clients to achieve, justify and communicate success.

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