While we may have built it, our users have become superstars at using Flaunter in ways we hadn’t even considered. The cool techniques they’ve developed help them step up and streamline their own processes. Here are our seven favourites. And because we know you love efficiency, you can implement all seven in less than an hour!

Hack 1: “My PR email address has an auto-responder that links to my Flaunter account”

Time to implement: 5 minutes

The first stellar idea we’ll share comes from an emerging design duo.  Because they’re not always at their computers, they have set up an auto-response to all emails arriving in their pr@brandname.com inbox.  
This canny pair realised that media looking for hi-res images and credit details are usually in the biggest hurry of all.  By spending 5 minutes creating this email, they ensure those opportunities are never missed…even when these designers are away from their desks.

Here’s the template, in all its glory:
Hey there,
Thanks for reaching out to us. We monitor this email address daily, but we know media often have crazy-fast deadlines to meet, and we don’t want to hold you up!
If you’re looking for hi-res images and credit details to publish our work, everything (we mean everything) is available to download and publish here: [Link]
Otherwise, thank you for considering [brand], and we’ll be in touch before you know it.

Hack 2: “I SMS my lookbook to industry professionals I meet at events with Flaunter links”

Time to implement: 3 minutes per collection

Another emerging talent on Flaunter wears many hats in his business (all of the hats, actually…) – which means he often finds himself meeting industry contacts backstage at runway events, markets and pop-up stores.
After a receiving an awkward follow-up call from a journalist he’d met and forgotten to email his images to, he started saving links to his Flaunter content on his phone. This meant that he can send them a lookbook on the spot.  No more (accidentally) missed opportunities!

Hack 3: “I shared my media contacts with Flaunter so my favourite journalists are automatically alerted to my new collection launches.”

Time to implement: 20 minutes to collate & forward 1 list

Running a business in the lifestyle space is all about efficiencies. Why take two steps when you can achieve the same thing with one?  That’s the philosophy of the head of marketing at a multi-brand distribution company.  With each of the 5 brands under her management releasing new collections monthly, the extra step of crafting a media release to email to each brand’s media list was one she was keen to do without.
Knowing that Flaunter’s system alerts all registered media to new content from her brand automatically, this clever marketer collated her media lists for each brand & forwarded it to her account manager at Flaunter HQ, allowing our head office team to register + link her entire media list to her brands.  The Flaunter system now alerts her media contacts to new collections automatically after she uploads, leaving much more time each month for more important conversations with her key media contacts.

Hack 4: “I put links to my Flaunter account anywhere I think the media will see them on my site.”

Time to implement: 15 minutes for your web developer

This children’s fashion label grew weary of finding their adorable images lifted from their website and published.  Whilst they were extremely grateful for the coverage, their limited-run products meant that images selected were often sold out (or on the verge of…). They needed a way to focus this much-desired attention on their new & upcoming product.

After joining Flaunter, this label generated a media-only link to their Flaunter brand profile, then had their developer add a neat little Flaunter link to their media page & contact us page, encouraging journalists to visit Flaunter for their hi-res images and credit info of these images and not-yet-unreleased product. Six months later: they’ve confirmed that they haven’t had any further issues with images being lifted from their site, but the amount of coverage they’ve received for the upcoming product has never been better.

Hack 5: “Whenever I upload content, I distribute a link to my team so they can share it too.”

Time to implement: 10 minutes each season

A part-time Comms manager at a fashion distributor told us how she makes sure media requests are always promptly dealt with, even when she isn’t in the office.

“Keeping our images up to date on Flaunter means most of our regular media contacts self-serve when they just need an image or two from us, but we still sometimes receive image requests via email from other journalists. Because my team are always busy, they don’t have time to search for images on our servers and wait for them load up & send on top of all their other tasks when I’m off.

For the last few seasons, I’ve made sure that each time I upload a new collection to Flaunter, I pass on the share links to the entire team via email as well as saving it to our in-house passwords and login document.  Now when a request arrives, they can just copy and email the link, and I can follow up on those who have downloaded our images using reports from Flaunter once I’m back in the office. It’s so much easier than before, and now that all our images are always sent via Flaunter, I always know exactly who has shown interest in our brand – and who I should target with our next pitch. ”

Hack 6: “I use my download alerts and analytics as a wholesale tool.”

Time to implement: 20 minutes

A canny distributor-slash-retailer has nailed how to leverage her coverage through all areas of her business.  Whenever she receives an image download via Flaunter, she gets in touch with the downloading journalist to offer any additional assistance and ask for an approximate publication date.
What next?  She gets in touch with all the stockists who are carrying that product, lets them know it’s about to be featured in a popular publication and encourages them to stock up in time for their customers to come looking (spoiler alert: it works).
We always knew PR drives sales, but this is taking it to the next level.

Hack 7: “I use the data to understand what’s popular and what’s not…and what we should do next time.”

Time to implement: None at all!

PR is a little like a rollercoaster – one season it feels like you’re published everywhere and but the next you may feel like everything is more of a struggle despite your best efforts…but that doesn’t mean you can relax your targets for the quarter!

Flaunter’s detailed reporting of which images have been downloaded by media (and who those media are) has become key to developing future ranges and brand collateral for an industry-disrupting accessories brand on Flaunter.  By reviewing which media have downloaded and published their content one season to the next, he’s able to reach out to any journalists who didn’t download images from his brand this season and ask them what kind of images and products they’d have liked to see.

“I was initially on Flaunter to get our images out there to more journalists, which has worked, but it’s been invaluable for our design team too, which was unexpected.  We’ve been able to use the media’s feedback we’ve gathered to better understand the trends media like to pick up on, and the types of images we were really wasting our time creating.  We’ve seen the number and quality of media who engage with us grow every season thanks to backwards-engineering our download reports this way.”



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