We’re about to enter the most exciting and chaotic time of the year…Australian Fashion Week is less than 2 months away.

And if you want your brand to steal the show, it’s time to start strategising how to get noticed.

As a retail brand, getting editorial coverage around key events like Australian Fashion Week can be critical to building buzz, reaching new audiences and generating sales. But with so many brands vying for attention, how can you make sure yours stands out from the crowd? 

The answer lies in leveraging the power of Flaunter, a digital platform that makes it easy to showcase your new collections, manage sample loans, connect with media, industry, retailers and stylists, as well as track press image downloads for media monitoring.

Here’s how your brand and PR team can use Flaunter to maximise your editorial coverage:  

Flaunter - Beautiful online press centre and content management platform for brands, media and influencers

Upload your visual assets

Picture this: a journalist is trying to write a story about Australian Fashion Week, but they don’t have any decent images to include. Don’t let that be you! Flaunter makes it easy-peasy to upload your runway looks, product images and other visual assets to a digital press centre. Your images will be available for journalists and influencers to download for free. It’s like a virtual goody bag, except you’re the one giving the gifts!

By making it easy for them to access high-quality images, you increase the likelihood that they will include your brand in their coverage.

Manage sample loans efficiently

If you’re a fashion brand, you know that sample loans are a necessary evil. But managing them can be a headache, right? That’s where Flaunter’s sample tracking feature comes in. It’s like a personal assistant for your sample loans.

You can upload your products available to be loaned or gifted, create showrooms and invite media, stylists, and influencers to view the goods online. They can then request items to loan, and you can manage the entire process online. You’ll save so much time and energy, you’ll be able to hit up every party during Australian Fashion Week!

Track your editorial coverage

Who doesn’t love some good data? With Flaunter’s analytics, you can see who’s downloading your images, which outlet they’re from and when they plan to use them. For example…Vogue has just downloaded your image to feature in it’s upcoming June issue. It’s like your own personal detective, only less creepy. This data can help you figure out which media outlets and journalists are worth pursuing and which products are getting the most buzz.


We’ve already worked with huge names like Hugo Boss, Bec + Bridge, Sarah & Sebastian, Kate Spade and Billini, as well as emerging brands.

Start getting more exposure for your brand by using Flaunter’s digital PR press centre and showroom.

Image by JOSLIN STUDIOS on Flaunter.com