We’ve seen plenty of information out there about why media attention is important for the growth of your brand. We’ve also seen plenty of info out there about how to write media releases and who to send them to – we even wrote our own.

But what we haven’t seen a lot of? Information about how to build your very own media list to send those expertly crafted releases to. We’re rectifying that situation for you right now with some A+ media list building knowledge…

Where do I begin? 

Understanding the way in which the media navigate their way around Flaunter is a key strategy you can use to create a well-rounded media list. You’ll want to start with people who’ve been interested in your content before, so search through your email history and be sure to save the name and details of anybody in the media you speak to from now on.

Flaunter users have it easier…  

Flaunter reports give you the details of journalists, stylists and bloggers who’ve downloaded from you in the past. Think of all those Googling hours saved! To continue building your list from this firm foundation, check your download alert emails regularly because they include the name, publication and email addresses of the media user who has downloaded your content.

I want more than just the media I’ve dealt with in the past. 

We hear you. Our first suggestion is to look back at the media who have engaged with you previously and seek out more like them. There’s a good chance that these similar media users will also be interested in you.

Also, look at brands that are similar to you and who are enjoying good media attention. The publications sharing their content are the perfect targets for your list.

Pro Tip: While everyone covets a position in the glossy mags, don’t dismiss smaller magazines, regional newspapers and lifestyle lift-outs. These publications are often big content users and have a large loyal readership demanding locally available products.

How do I reach my targets?  

We’re not going to lie, it might take a little searching, but it’s worth it. If you’re not confident enough to call and ask for someone’s address (fair enough), we’ve got a few expert tips for streamlining the search efforts direct from Flaunter HQ’s very own super sleuth:

  • Flaunter users – utilise your access to the media list. Whilst we can’t give out everybody’s email addresses, what we can offer are the up to date names, positions, and publications of active media users on our site. This is the hardest part of your content sourcing work done – otherwise, you’ll be reading mastheads for days!
  • You’ll notice that Australia has a few huge media companies that parent the majority of larger publications within the media landscape. For example, Bauer Media, News Limited, and Allure Media. In most cases the email domain and address structure will be the same for everybody at that parent company, regardless of publication. Once you crack a few, you can pretty confidently say you’ve cracked them all.
  • Extra help can be found on websites such as Voila Norbert and Email Hunter. These sites will search for email addresses based on name and email domain. Both sites also offer Google Chrome extensions which track down the email addresses on the website you’re browsing. What a time to be alive, am I right?
Now you’ve got the media list, why not make the most of it? Get started with our guide on what media love to write about and learn how to pitch exclusive content.