We know how much time it can take to track every single sample and make sure they’re exactly where they need to be, whether that’s in a stylist’s office or at a shoot location.

Our beautiful sample tracking software puts your brand and showroom online – to be discovered by media, influencers, stylists and creators. With this amazing tool, you can supercharge your brand and products with a fully digital, online showroom. It’s smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective than any other solution out there – and it’ll help you finally take back control of your PR and sample collections!

When it comes to product inventory, PR gifts and sample collections, it’s not just a matter of making sure you have enough inventory to meet the demands of your customers – you have a whole host of other things to think about: where each sample item is located, who’s borrowing it and for how long, when it’s due back… the list goes on.

That’s why we created Flaunter. It puts all this information at your fingertips, so you can spend less time worrying about tracking down samples and more time getting exposure for your brand!

If you want to… 

  • Give on-demand access to media, stylists, influencers and colleagues so they can talk about your brand more easily, more often.
  • Make it seamless for stylists to browse your sample collections online and directly request loans from your digital showrooms.
  • Never lose another sample with our fully digital sample tracking and inventory management system.
  • Replace manual and time-consuming activity reports with comprehensive activity reports that are automatically generated in seconds.

Read on for our top tips to finding success with your digital showroom. 

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Let’s start with what 

What is a Flaunter Showroom?

A showroom is a collection of ‘racks’ (think Fashion racks… or for our non-fashion brands think product line or category) that stylists, journalists and influencers can view online and request gifts or samples directly from a shared link – to be reviewed and approved by your brand team, of course.

Tell me more about sample racks.

Sample racks are the way you organise your samples on Flaunter. Each brand profile you have set up will have its own rack or multiple racks. You can create as many racks as you need – for example, you might create a separate rack for bags and accessories, or the men’s, women’s, and children’s ranges within a single brand.

What is ‘sample search’?

Flaunter’s Sample Search allows you to quickly and easily look up samples based on a keyword search. Once you’ve found the samples you’re looking for you can apply actions such as add to parcel, return, delete or archive. You can also export .csv reports (which can be saved as Excel spreadsheets) from the results of a keyword search.

Side note – key word searches will only work against information you’ve entered into the system. So to search ‘Vogue’ you need to have entered Vogue in the Sample Parcel title; to search ‘dress’ you need to have tagged sample photos with the word ‘dress’ or ‘dress’ needs to be in the sample title name.

What can analytics and reports can I see?

The Sample Tracking Reports center makes it incredibly easy to monitor, report and feedback on your sample loan activity – and your hard work! You can choose to create comprehensive sample reports for entire brands, individual racks, or for individual samples. Some of our agencies & brands are currently using reporting to:

  • Generate reports based on publication e.g. how often ‘Vogue’ has requested & used samples. 
  • Generate reports based on influencer activity e.g. how many items were gifted to influencers this mth.
  • Generate reports based on how many samples were sent p/mth

Now, how…

Flaunter digital sample tracking software

How to optimise your showroom for success 

Your showroom is the heartbeat of your business. It’s where you store your samples and keep an eye on what’s out, in circulation and overdue.

It’s also where editors, stylists and influencers come to source new looks for their clients and brands come to source new looks for their campaigns.

When it comes to managing your sample collections, we know that speed and accuracy are key. 

3x likelihood of media requesting samples online versus in a showroom.

Make it seamless for stylists to browse your sample collections online and directly request loans from your digital showrooms.

  • Samples are easier to request online than in person – you can do it from anywhere, and you don’t even have to get up from your desk!
  • Stylists can make requests directly from your digital showroom, which means they don’t have to spend extra time finding your contact information or filling out forms to get samples they’re interested in trying. This makes them more likely to request loans of multiple items at once, which is excellent news for you!
  • Digital showrooms allow stylists to browse through sample collections without having to travel anywhere or commit any time or money – and that means they’re much more willing to try new things when they feel like they can do so guilt-free (which is often not the case if you’re asking them to come into a store).

Streamline work with your digital showroom manager

Use Flaunter for everything. The more you use Flaunter the more success you’ll see, and the more time/effort you’ll save. Upload all your brand assets and samples into Flaunter so you can see real-time data on who’s looking at your brand, what their favourite items are, why they need to download an image or request a sample, and where it’s going to be published.

  • Share links to your samples or invite media to view samples at the click of a button. Once you have shared a link or invited your contact to browse a rack or showroom, they can select samples they wish to loan or receive as a gift.
  • Never lose an item again! The system tracks your inventory – what’s out, where items are located and what’s overdue, so you know where each sample is 100% of the time. And, you can use Flaunter to send a friendly reminder email to media or stylists, reminding them about return due dates and outstanding samples.

Spend less time reporting

If you’re like most of our customers, you probably spend a lot of time reporting on your digital PR efforts. Don’t worry – we get it. Reporting is time-consuming and tedious, but it’s also important to track your progress and make sure you’re hitting your goals.

Replace time-consuming manual reporting processes with comprehensive and automated activity reports, at the click of a button. For example, you can generate reports based on publication e.g. how often ‘Vogue’ has requested & used samples. Or you can generate reports based on influencer activity e.g. how many items were gifted to influencers this month. Alternatively, if you want to focus on other metrics such as how many samples were sent per month, you can. Whatever you need!

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