Trends are the most important thing to know when marketing your business. They tell you what customers want, what they’re buying and how they’re using products. Brand trends don’t just influence your marketing strategy, but also dictate where you should focus your next campaign.

Below are our predictions on the hottest brand trends that will dominate next year’s market. This is not a definitive list, but it’s a good place to start when thinking about how you should position your brand in 2023.

If you’re struggling to figure out how best to represent your brand and collections next year, read on for some great advice about the latest brand trends.

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Throwing it back 

As the world becomes more digital, and we spend more time looking at screens than we do outdoors, there’s a growing sense of nostalgia for things from the past. People are looking for brands that evoke memories of a simpler time, when things were ‘the way they used to be’. 

That’s why it makes sense for you to incorporate nostalgic branding into your marketing strategy for 2023. Think blasts of the past and #throwbacks as a key way to engage your audience in the New Year. Consider using holistic elements such as colour, fonts, positioning, language etc., to stand out in the increasingly crowded landscape and invite your customers to share a common experience.

Showing trends from the past and reconfiguring them to fit modern society – with all its demands for newness and novelty – is a great way to share your products in this era obsessed with happiness and nostalgia.

Standing out from the crowd

Consumers are attracted to beautiful, eye-catching images that are striking and unique – this isn’t new news. But in 2023, the trend towards bright and stimulating content and branding will take flight through the introduction of more patterns, unique fonts, scattered illustrations and maxing out space.

The different aspects of bright colours, bold fonts/typefaces, colourful infographics and pictures captivates the audiences’ senses and intrigues them. If something is aesthetically pleasing, it is obviously going to gain more attention and visibility. Nobody wants to look at something boring with basic fonts and a minimal colour scheme!

While minimalistic branding and campaigns took off in 2022 with the successful use of active space and simplistic elements that encapsulated many brands’ imagery. In the New Year, a mix of overwhelming and stimulating imagery will be used to create brilliant campaigns. Don’t forget to upload your campaign imagery to Flaunter so media can view, download and publish it on-demand 24.7

Relatability is key

The word ‘relatable’  has become a cliche… but it still remains an important concept in marketing. For one thing, brands and consumers alike are craving relevance. What exactly is relatability? It’s more than simply being relatable; it’s being interesting enough to have an impact on other people’s (consumer’s) lives. It’s about taking something out there and making it feel like part of your own story or experiences – and then sharing it with others so they can feel like part of yours too.

Establishing connections and relationships with media, influencers and your customers is everything. Not only does this make the experience more personal, but it allows for greater communication between consumer and brand. In your 2023 campaigns, ensure you have relatable and common themes. If an individual sees your products as unapproachable or unrelatable due to your campaign, that would not be ideal. Include humour, satire or colloquial language when addressing consumers and the products they are buying. This provides the audience with more targeted language and ‘jargon’ for them to relate to. This is essential for your branding in 2023!

Botox – rebranding and reshaping

Are you feeling like your brand is becoming the same old? Slightly outdated and not keeping up with the modern times? Maybe it’s time for a fresh start. Going into the New Year with a brand new face may be the best thing you can do for your brand. With some extra effort, time and some money, this could be the path to standing out from the crowd and making your new appearance known to EVERYONE. Don’t freak out just yet. It doesn’t have to be a full-scale change. Sometimes just updating your logo or updating some of your marketing materials can be enough!

Because who doesn’t love something shiny and new? Take different approaches to your old ways and think out of the box. What aren’t your competitors doing? And how can you showcase your finest work? Camilla and Marc recently rebranded and they look amazing! Take a look at their recent blog for reference and see how they reshaped their face.

Eco-friendly, it’s a must

In the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of eco-friendly campaigns…And we’re here for it!

It’s good to see that businesses are more environmentally conscious and want to do their part in reducing waste (why? Have you watched Zac Effron’s new show Down To Earth!?). Whether it’s by switching over to recycled materials or simply making a video explaining why your business cares about the environment, these campaigns have definitely helped companies gain some positive attention.

In 2023, brands that don’t take steps to be more sustainable will fall behind the competition. We’re going to see even more brands create campaigns that focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly – think recycled and recyclable products and marketing materials, ethical supply chains, using renewable energy in your operations, sustainable packaging… the list goes on! Our suggestion, take a look at what your industry and non-industry competitors are doing in terms of sustainability initiatives and jump on board with new ways of doing business.


The brand is the key. Brands differentiate themselves from other products and companies with their unique qualities, so make sure your marketing strategy reflects this in 2023. Need help with your strategy, copywriting or managing the workload? Take advantage of our Flaunter Managed marketing and PR services

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