Are you looking for ways to increase your brand awareness? Wondering what PR trends are going to explode in 2023?

If so, then this article is for you. We’ve put together a list of seven public relations trends that you need to know so you can prepare yourself and your brand for the coming year.


Events are back… In-person, face-to-face, IRL events!

Events are going to be more powerful than ever in 2023. They’re an excellent way to get your brand in front of potential customers, create awareness around your products, and build relationships with media and creators.

With the rise of social media (and a couple of years facing lockdowns and restrictions), many brands have taken their marketing efforts online and away from real world interactions. But now, people are craving more authentic experiences – and events are the perfect way to connect with your audience.

Hosting collaborative social events with influencers and customers is an effective way to display your brand and products. The recent Fenty Beauty Tik Tok Warehouse event in Sydney is an excellent example of this – an unforgettable campaign designed to celebrate creative excellence and generate fresh content for the brand. They gave away free products on a sushi train carousel, had different rooms to get makeup done in, piercing stations, massage beds and unique zones for each product to shine. This gained a lot of attention on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, as well as garnering fantastic PR across a variety of online and print publications.


Own it. Establish a powerful brand with your owned media

Owned media is a critical aspect of developing a strong and trustworthy brand. It is the ownership of content that brands establish, host and share on platforms such as websites, podcasts, social media, email newsletters, blogs and more. 

So, why does owned media matter so much? Owning media allows you to have control over your brand and the messages being shared to the public. People’s perceptions can make or break the success of your company… A lot of pressure, right? The content you create can portray you as the leader and expert within the industry and ultimately assist audiences to align with the values and ideas of your brand. 

Not only does owning media allow you to stay in control, but does wonders for your search engine optimisation (SEO). Therefore, making it even more essential to create accessible, modern and updated content for audiences. 

Flaunter is the perfect platform to assist you in posting this new content and gaining attention from others. 1000s of media, stylists and influencers use Flaunter to discover new brands and products, download content, request samples and PR gifts and build relationships with brand owners and managers. 

Flaunter digital press center content management and sample tracking


Media movements – change is ahead

Like events, in person conversations are making a come-back. Say goodbye to lengthy emails and video calls, in 2023 we’ll see the resurgence of face-to-face communication and interviews. Brands and PR managers should be prepped and available for these new opportunities. 

Lookout for freelance writers. In the year ahead, there will be growing demand for more outsourced writers and content creators – especially as newsroom employment numbers continue to decline. Many publications are therefore looking for contributed articles by freelancers and outside writers. Keep this in mind when curating your databases and pitching your stories. 

Another change in the world of media is where they exist and when they’re available (WFH hours aren’t necessarily 9-5!). There are an abundance of channels already available for brands to connect with media – Muck Rack, HARO, Flaunter – and there are more emerging every year. So look out for new platforms and content mediums for PR opportunities for your brand. 


Keep it personalised and focus on creating amazing products, experiences and content

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s now time to (fully) embrace the concept of ‘quality over quantity’. Say goodbye to mass pitching and templated messages. It’s time to focus on building quality relationships with the media, stylists, influencers and partners in order to secure press coverage and brand opportunities. 

Whether you’re a PR pro, or PR Manager is just another hat that you wear in your business, it is important that you recognise when you have a story that is newsworthy and will fit into the publication or platform’s editorial calendar. This means that if you don’t have an idea for a unique angle on a story, then it doesn’t belong in their inbox. The best way to get press coverage is to create amazing content. When you have something worth talking about, media outlets will want to cover it and influencers will want to promote it.

You don’t need to spend hours pitching every potential publication; instead, focus on creating amazing content that will get people talking.

The art of gift giving – who, what, where and how

PR gifts are like little magic beans that help you grow your business. A PR gift is any item given by a brand in order to get publicity or to help build a relationship for a longer term partnership. It could be an actual physical object (like a product from your latest collection), or it can be something virtual like an offer code or discount deal that they share on social media.

Tips for how to approach PR gifts in 2023: 

  • Outline your main goal/s and figure out who it is you’re actually trying to influence. 
  • Find the right person for your brand and do your research. Pay attention to their recent milestones and life events (New house? New baby?) that way you can send a gift that is relevant and more personal to them.
  • Connect with content creators who could benefit from reciprocal exposure when you re-share their content.
  • Be aware of the rules, and offer a new opportunity. Consider an affiliate programme and discount codes to further incentivise your chosen creator to promote your brand and products.
  • Collaborate for real. Consider hosting a joint event or bringing out a new product together.
  • Ask for what you want – a post, a story, a mention. Start small, and as you build the relationship you might be able to request a more substantial promotion in the future.
  • Measure and analyse the data. What worked, what didn’t, and did you achieve your goal?

The key to making the most of this trend is knowing who to target and how that content will be used (by them, and you). And don’t forget about the importance of nice (sustainable!) packaging when you send out your gifts. 


Collaborations – and we don’t just mean with influencers

Collaborations are a great way to bring attention to your brand without having to do all of the work yourself. You’re probably familiar with influencer collaborations and have a plan in place for that. But what about brand+brand collaborations, or brand+charity collaborations, or brand+artist collaborations…

Partnering with another brand, an artist or a not-for-profit organisation on an exciting project or initiative could give your business an edge over the competition. These partnerships are inspiring, interesting and ideological, and they significantly increase the amount of people that both parties can reach. It’s what makes brands stand out and connect with consumers on a deeper level, than they could ever do alone. 

Other benefits include getting more brand exposure and ‘buzz’, reaching new audiences and customers, growing your website traffic and social media following as well as increasing your sales and revenue.


Data is the new black

Quantifying the business impact or ROI of PR has been historically rather difficult. In recent years, we’ve seen a shift and in 2023, it will become even easier…and more important in a world where marketers and communications teams are increasingly accountable for their performance. Because of this, PR professionals will need to produce more objective evidence of their impact on business outcomes. 

To be able to measure the impact of your PR efforts, you need to start with solid KPIs so you know what counts as success. Then you need to be able to track how many people received your messaging. You can do this by using tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Flaunter, which will help you understand how many people saw or downloaded your content. You can also use tools like Google Search Console or Facebook Insights to measure how much traffic those posts generated. Consider measuring sentiment around each piece of content – for example, if someone posts about being unhappy with your product, then there may be some room for improvement!


The year 2023 will be a big one for your brand. Prioritise collaborations, owned-media, personalised and targeted approaches to media pitching and focus on what you can learn from the data.

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