That’s great! We knew you were doing something spectacular!

Now that a media user has downloaded your image, you will receive their name, publication, email address and expected publication date. Remember, if the user is a freelancer, they may work for a number of different publications.

To make the most of this new attention, you can use the Flaunter media list to help you find out more details about them. Then you can send a quick, non-pushy message introducing yourself and offering more assistance if required.

Ideally, you’ll receive a reply requesting further information about your collection/brand. Being proactive may just have scored you a little press coverage and a new media buddy. However, there’s always the possibility that you might hear nothing! 

We recommend that you don’t follow up again if there is no response. While this is frustrating, keep in mind that one of the reasons so many media love Flaunter is that they can quickly find images (with all the details they need) and fill a page in less than 10 minutes! Often they don’t require more information and are thrilled that they’ve been able to access your image before moving on to their next story. 

Remember that you’re building relationships. And we all know that the best relationships take time, so keep at it 😉

We also think that it’s a great idea to use your reporting dashboard to figure out which publications you should keep an eye on for upcoming stories or issues that may feature your beautiful product! Keep in mind that lead time will affect when and where your image could pop up. Some larger print publications have 3-4 month lead time, whereas some online magazines might publish a story within minutes.



If you have any questions about how to make the most of your Flaunter profile, contact the team at!
Image: Daniel Graindorge – Stories Collective Magazine