We don’t need to tell you that good visual content can be a brand’s most powerful asset.  We don’t need to tell you that just as the media’s appetite for this content is increasing.  We definitely don’t need to tell you there’s a heck of a lot of terrible visual content out there that the media need to wade through.  

What we do need to tell you is that we spend a lot of our time pouring over the stats and data to work out the download habits of our media users (It’s OK, one of our team members secretly loves it) and even more time meeting the media face to face, working out the images the media always need, and the images they’re constantly struggling to find.  

Based on all we’ve learned, here’s what you should be making available on your Flaunter profile to see your brand become a media favourite.

It is vital that your images are hi-res so that they can be printed clearly and crisply. DPI or “Dots per Inch” is the measurement used in the publishing industry to determine how sharp an image is. The more dots the higher the quality of the print (more sharpness and detail).
To make sure you’re providing ‘useful’ images for print they should be 300dpi or higher. Image dimensions are also important. Obviously, an image that is 300dpi but 2cm big is not useful for most people! Think of the height and width of most magazine pages as an example of the dimensions you should have.
For online media 72 dpi is sufficient, but remember – when it comes to SOURCE images, bigger is better. You can go down in size without losing quality, but you can’t make things larger without compromising your photos.


Media tend to look for for the freshest, newest products, and when a lot of monthly glossies have a lead time as long as 3 months, it’s highly important for them to know the products they’re sending to print are still in store by the time their mag hits the shelves.  Make sure you’ve got your current and upcoming collections showcased on Flaunter, and do so as soon as your shots return from the photographer.

Also: avoid keeping sold out or old season images in your Flaunter profile, it just adds to the noise and makes your current season stock less likely to be seen.  Best keep those old season images hidden, this means you can still share them outwards if you receive a special request for them.


Thanks to your favourite bloggers and influencers, a great flat lay is in big demand- we’re always receiving media requests for more- the more beautiful and creative the better.  We’re also seeing an increased appetite for beautiful ‘lifestyle’ shots- you know, those gorgeous brand-context images your photographer took at your last campaign shoot (you’ve possibly been unsure of what to do with them until now…)

Lifestyle image type, In Bed the label, Flaunter image library

Flatlay image type, Meir, Flaunter image library


It’s pretty easy to forget that your favourite fashion mags and blogs also run plenty of lifestyle and human interest pieces.  In addition to making your product & campaign shoots visually interesting, you’re increasing your chances of being featured in these lifestyle pieces as well.  We hear the media are always struggling to get a hold of these images!

Photo story by Karmme, Flaunter image library


Clarity and quality is key to creating a great deep etched product image.  Consider a mix of conventional and unexpected placements for your garments or products.  As I’m sure you can imagine, nobody wants to publish a page full of t-shirts all placed exactly the same way!

Don’t have the budget for doing a second shoot for deep etched images?  Consider clever platforms like Pixc, who can create deep etched shots from your campaign and look book imagery at an incredibly affordable rate.

Deepetch image type, Sportsgirl, Bianca Mavrick, The Daily Edited, Flaunter media library


This probably goes without saying, right?  Campaign and lookbooks are a simple and effective way to tell your newest collection’s story.  Want our two cents? Think outside the box and invest in some decent styling, being creative and avoid replicating other campaign/lookbook shots you’ve seen.  The media are looking for something that feels fresh.

Remember: Just as every magazine and website you visit has a different look and feel, each publication is going to be looking for a different style of image.  Who do you want to be featured by? Does your current collection of imagery look like it belongs on their pages?

Campaign image, General Pants, Flaunter image library

Lookbook image type, Brave True, Silk Laundry, Seafolly, Flaunter

Images via Flaunter