New year, new you. Or new business, either way. But, if you’re like most businesses and teams, you are looking to these next 365 days with a sense of drive and purpose.

We want to do some pretty amazing things this year at Flaunter – within our team, for our brand/media/content creator clients, and for the community. And we’re making sure we start the year off on the right foot. 

Now, we know New Year’s resolutions don’t always stick, whether that’s because they’re overly ambitious, not-specific, have a short time-line or the motivation is lacking. That said, we’re sharing some of our favourite inspirational tips for goal setting and planning for the upcoming year in order to make this the best year yet for you and your brand.

Manifesting and goal setting is an essential aspect of reaching future plans and success. Did you know that 90% of the time people perform better with relevant and challenging goals!? That’s from a study by Locke & Latham. So, with that in mind… for the majority, setting goals will help you and your business reach new and higher standards for this year.

How to use goal setting and manifesting to make this the best year yet for you and your brand:

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Written Wishes

Although this may sound like an obvious one, writing down your goals and dreams on paper has  a significant effect on the outcome of your year. Really! Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthew proved in a study that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to accomplish them. 

Writing down ideas and future aspirations, allows you to ‘imprint’ them into your mind. As amazing as modern technology is, typing has become a muscle memory. However, if you were to write it down, you have to consciously choose the goals you have (not to mention that deleting them isn’t as simple as pressing backspace…). Writing your goals will help you achieve more in 2023. Not to mention the satisfying feeling of crossing it out at the end of the year. 

You Are THEM 

Goals are an amazing thing to implement into your personal and business life. But, they should not limit you. If you reach your goal, don’t stop there, KEEP GOING! It’s a great feeling when you climb to your goal, but imagine peaking even further. 

Visualising and operating as if your dream has already come true, is a necessity in order to go above and beyond. Picture this – you are living the absolute dream. You dress for this role, you move around like this person, you adopt the mentality of your future successful self, surrounding yourself with those that are like minded to you and support your visions. Sooner or later you are becoming this person that is successful, positive and unstoppable. Operating in this manner is an extremely important way to become the best version of yourself.

There is no point in making new and improved goals if you aren’t going to change some of the approaches you have. Big or small, you can do it!! The Flaunter team believes in you.

Reflect on 2022’s Big and Small Moments

Take a look at your past and reflect up on this time to realise what could have been done better. We know we are focusing on the future, but the past has led you to this point. So, appreciate every twist and turn you have experienced because everything’s meant to happen for a reason. Ask yourself these questions below and see what you can improve on for this year.

  • What could I have done better?
  • What decision did I make that could have had a very different ending? 
  • How was my time management?
  • Have I maintained a good work-life balance?
  • What is something that I am proud of?
  • What was my greatest accomplishment?
  • What have I learnt from a challenging decision or situation?

By answering just a few of these questions, this opens you to being proud of making mistakes and learning from them. Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of, if anything you should be grateful because the best way to learn is by experiencing it first hand. Reflecting on mistakes is important, but make sure you also study the amazing achievements you made. What techniques helped you achieve success? This is just as important. Reflecting is the key player in making this your best year yet. 

Clarity Is Key

Ensuring that your goals are clear is the best way to achieve them. The clarity of goals have direct links to organisation, motivation and behaviours. Locke & Latham, our friends who proved that setting goals = success, ran 384 tests that showed goal setting has a significant effect on the behaviour and motivations of people. 

If you set goals that are extremely broad, where are you meant to start? With clarity and specificity, your goals will be much more attainable. Being organised, motivated and adopting positive behaviours is essential in establishing effective goals. For example, when creating a financial goal, don’t say “Increase revenue”… Give specifics. “My goal is to increase revenue by 20% this year”. That is much clearer and gives you an actual figure to work towards.

Aesthetic Assistants 

If you are interested in writing goals for 2023, and are motivated by beautiful notepads, diaries, vision boards and planners. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Diary – the Organised by Charli is a great diary to plan your year ahead
  • Manifestation journal – Insite Mind has an amazing and interactive journal
  • Pretty pens (who doesn’t love an excuse to buy nice stationery) – Kikki K has the cutest pens that are great quality
  • A large calendar – Collective Hub are extremely organised and look amazing
  • Goal planner – Life Hack have some amazing journals 
  • Vision board – Officeworks have aesthetic boards that can hold your 2023 dreams. Here you can print out pictures to visualise where you will be at the end of this year

If you thought 2022 flew, imagine what this year is going to look like! Write down your brand, PR and marketing goals, snap a pic and share them with us at We’d love to know what you’re working towards, plus we might be able to help. 

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