“In our industry, the two biggest issues faced by agencies are responding to media requests and keeping track of samples.  If an editor calls requesting a certain photo, we need to send it almost immediately or it won’t be published, and at our agency alone we have about 15 racks of product floating between magazines and stylists all over Australia. Obviously, something going missing is a pain, but it’s even more of a pain when a piece is found a day too late for a shoot where it had the potential to make the cover of Vogue or Harper’s BAZAAR.  The reason we initially signed up for a trial with Flaunter was because we were eager for an easier way to deal with the volume of these two frustrating parts of our day-after about 6 months we’re totally hooked!
We can now upload our campaign imagery from our clients as soon as we receive it, and we can direct all of our media enquiries directly to the Flaunter profile, making it the most efficient system we’ve used so far. We can also track who downloads our images, which is great for us to be able to keep our clients in the loop, but it also means we’re able to contact media directly after they download to try and leverage their interest into some extra publicity.
We’ve used sample tracking systems in the past, but something we could never understand on the platforms we’d used previously was why on earth we had to deal with barcode stickers that fell off and weren’t easily identifiable.  Our Flaunter sample tracking is actually image based, which makes so much more sense- you know just by looking whether you’re dealing with the right piece. The Flaunter system actually just feels more intuitive in general, it automatically chases stylists so we don’t have to!
Essentially, Flaunter maximises our brands’ impact and minimises the stress of keeping track of everything ourselves – five stars!”

Image credit: Noise PR HQ