As a brand manager, you want to know exactly how the other half of our user base (a.k.a the media) ‘uses’ Flaunter.

When we use the term ‘media’ we are referring to traditional print media, digital media, bloggers, influencers, freelancers, stylists and retailers.

All of these user types have the capacity to increase exposure for your brand. All of them benefit from your content – often in different ways.

This reinforces what you already know about PR – it’s more than just the quick wins. Just as Flaunter is about more than the ‘download’. It’s about the network and connections. It’s about creating more potential 🙂

Some people assume that we only work with traditional print media – but our audience is so much broader than that. We’ve defined the major media user groups below and have then asked users to share – in their own words – how they use Flaunter to get what they need.

Print and Online publications

This group ranges from monthly glossy magazines, regional mastheads, weekly publications, in-flight magazines, newspapers, newspaper inserts, independent web publications, online sites for your favourite print mastheads… and so on.

Often these publications will have smaller teams than you think – with most team members having to wear multiple hats.

“The convenience of being able to browse and download high res images directly, without having to wait for an email response, is absolutely priceless.” Emma Vidgen – Real Living


“The Flaunter team understand content and how to meet tough newspaper deadlines. This instant-access platform has saved us time, money and stress.” Prue Lewington – The Sunday Telegraph


Freelancers are a really interesting, and growing category. As the media landscape has shifted we are finding that there are more and more freelancers out there – most of whom will work across several different publications at any one time.

We’ve received feedback that freelancers often have to do the work of stylist, copywriter and picture editor in one. Because of the nature of their work it also means that once they discover a brand – they may be able to use that brand across MULTIPLE publications.

“Flaunter is my first resource for creating my fashion pages. My job would be that much harder without it.” Jaclyn Fellows – Freelance Writer


Similar to freelancers, stylists will generally work across several publications at any one time. A stylist is almost always after two things:

1. Product for loan so that it can be shot – versus high res imagery for download.

2. Inspiration/research for their next shoot. In this situation, they will browse and mood board, but again not necessarily download. Flaunter acts as a discovery tool for stylists.

“I’ve discovered great Australian brands I hadn’t been in touch with previously so find Flaunter very useful when pulling product for a shoot. I find pics of products on Flaunter that are appropriate for each week’s pages and then contact the designer either directly or through Flaunter.” Viva Vayspap –  Stylist


These days it can be hard to differentiate between what is a blog and an independent digital publication. Some people also confuse the terms blogger and influencer. Users who define themselves as Bloggers on Flaunter will usually work with written content, supplemented by imagery. They are writers. This means that they will often use image content from Flaunter, versus always creating their own imagery.

Similar to freelance media, a blogger will do the work of copywriter and picture editor in one.

“I genuinely love Flaunter. I not only use it to access imagery for my blog articles, but I find that editorial ideas are often generated from browsing the Flaunter library.  One of the key differentiators I’ve found with Flaunter is the image quality. It’s second to none. I also love that the images are of-the-minute; allowing my audience to view current trends and potential purchases.” Chris Carroll – The Life Creative

Influencers or Social Content Creators

The majority of these users will use Instagram as their primary channel of influence. We have registered influencers with audiences ranging from ~1000 to millions.  

Social media influencers will generally create their own content. This varies in the level of degree – from a simple selfie using a product to a full-blown professional video. They use Flaunter to connect with new brands, loan samples to create their content, or request gifts in exchange for exposure.

“Flaunter is great as it gives me direct email access to the right person managing a brand – rather than getting lost in the hundreds of direct messages on Instagram. It gives me an easy way to source products and brands to use and also creates new opportunities for more work within the network.” Kaily Emma Smith – Social Content Creator

Multi-brand retailers

Another really interesting type of user. These users aren’t strictly what you’d call ‘media’ – but they are just as hungry for easy-to-access content for their digital channels.

Feedback from these users is pretty consistent – they want to access great content from the brands they stock [so they can promote those brands and sell more of their product] but traditionally it’s been hard to get.


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