If you’re reading this – you are most likely already 100% convinced that PR is a critical part of your growth strategy. You understand that at its core PR is a vehicle for building better relationships between your brand/s and your customers [and prospective customers].

PR is more than just the quick wins. It’s about more than being published. It’s about discovery. It’s about making connections. It’s about creating opportunities.

Me, I LOVE PR. It’s what I’ve dedicated all of my working life to. It’s why I Flaunter 😉

Like many in the industry, a few years ago I began to recognise that a new way of doing PR was needed. PR today should be smarter, not harder. But with social media, direct outreach, influencer engagement, events, content creation, media relations… PR professionals have more bases to cover than ever before.

At Flaunter we saw an opportunity to use technology to create a better, smarter way to execute on PR strategy, while more effectively measuring impact.

So, who are Flaunter’s PR tools made for?

Like with many software platforms, Flaunter’s tech can have different applications and benefits for different customers.
Who are our customers?

  • Small or emerging brands;
  • Growth stage brands;
  • Large or established brands;
  • PR agencies;
  • Distributors.

We’ve become an essential PR tool in a variety of ways.

For small and growth brands who can’t afford to work with agencies yet – and are often one-person teams with a founder who is trying to do it all – we are a stepping stone. We provide the tools, education, connections and support so they can do their own PR. These brands recognise that they have to be ‘on the radar’ in order to build brand recognition.


Meet small brand owner Aisha Hillary-Morgan from Hills & West. 


For larger brands (and distributors) with internal PR and marketing teams, we act like an additional staff member, a PR assistant helping to save time across the daily flow of media requests, content sharing and tracking.


Learn more about how Nautica uses Flaunter.

For agencies, we become a platform that makes it easier to deliver better results for their clients.

For Nikki Andrews, Founder and Director, NAC Media Group:  “Having efficient systems in place is vital to achieving maximum impact and enjoying continued success. Flaunter provides a one-stop-shop. You can manage samples, distribute brand imagery and liaise directly with the media all within the one platform. It has a high level of versatility and usability which not only gives it a leg-up on the competition but also helps us hit targets and achieve maximum impact for our brands.”


Read the NAC Media Group story. 

Whether you’re a small brand who struggles to manage your own PR, you head up a small PR department within a larger company, or you are the director of a PR agency who works with lots of brandsOur mission is to make it easier for you to reach bigger audiences by connecting your brand with the best content publishers around the world.

Who are the content publishers using Flaunter?

Great question. Because as a brand owner/publicist/agency director, you want to know exactly who the above-mentioned content publishers are, and why they use Flaunter – to your benefit.

When we use the term ‘content publisher’ we are referring to traditional print media, digital media, bloggers, influencers, freelancers, stylists and retailers. All of these user types have the capacity to increase exposure for your brand. All of them benefit from your content – often in different ways. 
Learn more about how content publishers use Flaunter here.

Interested in finding out how Flaunter could help your team reach bigger audiences? Contact us for a free trial.