If you have a brand, there are lot of things you need to do to make sure that it continues to grow and thrive. One way to give your brand a boost is to get press coverage.

PR mentions and features can help raise awareness of your brand among potential customers, establish you as an expert in your field—and much more.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the best ways to get press coverage for your brand. By following these steps carefully, you’ll be able to attract the attention and interest of media outlets that care about topics similar to those important in your own industry!

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you – go out and find them. 

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is thinking that they can get press coverage by waiting around for opportunities to come to them. This is a reactive approach to brand building, and it rarely works. Instead of waiting for someone else to write about you, or hoping that an editor will see your story and share it with their audience, take a proactive approach and reach out directly.

The best way to do this is with a well-crafted press release that includes all the information needed by journalists – such as expert quotes, amazing content, key stats and links back through your site. PR software tools like Flaunter provide an all-in-one press center where you can upload this content and directly media media via the platform to pitch your stories and build relationships.

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Make use of online tools and platforms to connect with media

If you’re looking to get more press coverage for your brand, there’s a good chance that the right outlets will be interested in covering it. To make sure they are, you’ll need to find them first. There are services available that can help with this. HARO is a popular platform for PR professionals and journalists who want to communicate efficiently and easily. Source Bottle offers similar functionality but has a slightly different focus on helping businesses connect with journalists through social media channels like LinkedIn. Flaunter is another platform where brand owners and managers can pitch their stories directly to media, stylists and influencers without having to hire a PR agency or consultant.

The great thing about using these tools is that if you use them properly – and don’t just send out generic emails – is that focusing on your audience can lead to more positive results for less time spent on pitching.

Host a media event

If you read our recent blog about PR trends for 2023, you’ll know that events are back in a big way. A great way to generate an enormous amount of exposure for your brand and product within a short space of time is to create a media event around it. A media event can be anything from an influencer-driven product launch, to a charity auction or live stream with celebrities. The key to creating a successful media event is finding the right media partners and influencers who can help you spread the word, as well as ensuring that there’s an element of exclusivity that makes it worth their while.

If done well, they will give you the chance to reach your target audience in a way that traditional PR campaigns simply can’t achieve. They are also a fantastic way to build relationships with journalists so that when there is an opportunity for them to write about your brand they will be more likely to approach you first rather than someone else.

Don’t shy away from ‘smaller’ publications

If you’re just starting out and are looking to get your brand some attention, it’s a good idea to start small. You can do this by pitching stories and content to local publications and creators in your community. This can be a great way to get your brand out there without having to spend a lot of money. It’s also important to keep in mind that while these smaller publications and creators may not be as well-known as some of the larger ones, they could still reach audiences that are relevant for your business.

Securing coverage with these publications and creators will help you build a relationship and build a portfolio of work that you can use to pitch more widely. Then, when you’re ready to get into the big leagues of PR and gain exposure in bigger publications and more popular creators, start targeting those who will be able to help get your brand more exposure on a larger scale.

Create a media-friendly persona with a knowledgable voice

Let’s face it, most small business owners are not media experts. However, you can use your expertise to connect with journalists and generate coverage that gets people talking about what makes your company unique. Getting the word out about your expertise is essential for success – which means showing off your knowledge and giving media something they want to write about. You just need a story that will interest reporters, bloggers and editors. Strive for original content that showcases some aspect of what makes your business unique or better than competitors. If you can provide them with something newsworthy, they’ll write about it and give you more visibility than ever before.

Keeping up with the trends and news stories

The first step to pitching the media is knowing what is happening in your industry. Your audience is likely already reading about these things, so you’ll want to be across it and be able to speak more knowledgeably about the topic at hand.

Keeping up with industry news helps you to stay on top of your game. For example, if you’re a fashion company and trends are shifting toward colourful clothes or minimalist styles instead of bold prints, you’ll want to know about this right away so that you can adapt or pitch accordingly. To stay up-to-date, you might follow blogs or listen to podcasts put out by other people in your field – or even the brand itself!

Use every victory as a stepping stone to the next achievement

When you are featured in a publication, use it to your advantage. Share the article on your website and social media accounts, in emails to your team, customers and investors. This will help build awareness of your brand while simultaneously encouraging others to share the story. The more people who see it, the more likely they will be interested in what you have going on!

You can also use this press to create momentum for future endeavours. If a publication is interested in writing about you, send them ideas for other stories that they might be interested in as well! Keep an eye on what’s going on in your industry, and keep track of all the times your company is mentioned by someone else. This will help you figure out what kinds of stories are being told about you, so you can make sure yours stands out. Knowing which media and publications are interested in your brand is the key to success. Flaunter’s analytics lets you know every time someone views your brand, looks at an image, downloads your content and uses it for a feature.

Remember, the best way to get press coverage is to not just rely on reactive opportunities. You need to proactively reach out to editors and journalists with whom you can build a relationship over time. This will give them something more than just a story idea from another brand – it’ll be a story about your brand that aligns with their editorial mission at every step along the way.

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